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Google Begins Rolling the July 2021 Core Algorithm Update

July 6, 2021 2 comments

These Google core algorithm updates have become like London buses — one immediately after another.
Google just rolled out a couple of updates in June — one of which was a core algorithm update. The core update was then followed by two spam updates in June. 
If you noticed a shift in your search engine rankings and organic traffic, well, prepare for another one. 
That is because Google has begun rolling another core algorithm update at the start of this month. It will likely take a couple of weeks for the algorithm update to finish rolling out. 

Is this the last big update of Summer 2021?

Yes, this update is expected to be the last big core algorithm update for Summer 2021. 

What should you do?

We don’t completely know what impact this core algorithm update will have on the search engine rankings or organic traffic and which industries, in particular, will see the most gains and losses. 
That’s why it would be a good idea to mark the July 1, 2021, date in your Google Analytics account and start monitoring for any unexpected changes in keyword rankings as well as organic traffic.

What is the guidance by Google?

Google hasn’t detailed any specifics regarding this update. It is, therefore, recommended to review the evergreen content guidelines by Google and the general information you should know about Google’s core algorithm updates.
As always, your focus should be on the quality of your website content and user experience.
In addition, you should also brush up on your understanding of the quality guidelines and E-A-T.

Potential impact

In June, when Google was rolling out the June 2021 core algorithm update, they mentioned that most websites would not notice any impact of these core algorithm updates.
That should also apply to the July 2021 core algorithm update. However, we can never be 100% sure.
It would be better to wait for two to three weeks and then gauge the impact of the July 2021 algorithm update.



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