Bing steps up to replace Google in Australia

February 12, 2021 by Alfie Lewis

Amidst the feud between Google and the Australian government, Bing has stepped up to replace the search engine giant. The News Media Bargaining Code dispute continues to get worse between the Australian policymakers and Google. 

A meeting, however, recently took place between Microsoft’s CEO and the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. In that meeting, Bing offered to take Google’s place in Australia as the leading search engine.

Paul Fletcher, Australia’s minister of communications, said that they would prefer if Google stay in the country:


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Alfie Lewis

3 quick ways to run SEO competitor analysis for beginners

February 9, 2021 by Luke Harniman

Competitor analysis refers to the processes that help you understand how your website stands in the search engines as compared to your competitors and other websites in your niche.

SEO is often considered a zero-sum game. There are only a limited number of spots (usually 10) on the first page of Google. Moreover, a disproportionate amount of traffic goes to the first 3 pages.

It means that your gain will likely mean a loss for someone else and vice versa.


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Luke Harniman

Google Discover is affected by core algorithm updates, confirms Google

February 5, 2021 by Alfie Lewis

Core algorithm updates by Google affect web search results. However, do these core algorithm updates also affect Google Discover?

According to a recent explanation by John Mueller, Google Discover is, indeed, affected by the core algorithm updates in a similar way as web search results.


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Alfie Lewis

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