Instagram to feature carousel ads in Instagram Stories

February 19, 2018 by Ryan

Instagram has decided to give a bigger canvas to Instagram advertisers that they can work with.

According to the latest announcement, Instagram advertisers will be able to able to display multiple pieces of media in a carousel-style format — this is something that Instagram advertisers weren’t able to do previously. (more…)

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3 different ways to analyse your competitor’s keywords and content pages

February 14, 2018 by Ryan

Content marketing is king.

If you want to get ahead of a competitor in the search engine results pages or grab a bigger market share, content marketing is the way through it.

You can’t realistically expect to beat an established competitor without a proper content marketing strategy — unless, of course, you are willing to spend thousands and thousands of pounds in online advertisements.

Unfortunately, most small and mid-sized businesses do not have that kind of a marketing budget and, therefore, have to take the longer route of constantly publishing great content and establishing their authority over time.


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Users Can Now Mute Repetitive Remarketing Ads

February 12, 2018 by Ryan

With the latest update in the Google ads settings, users now have the ability to mute ads that they have already seen too many times. This new setting would generally apply to remarketing ads.

Remarketing ads are those that advertisers who after they tag your visit to your website. Once you show interest in a product, advertisers retarget you and the remarketing ads follow you across the web. For example, you visit a website, browse a pair of shoes but don’t buy it. Then you log in to your Facebook and you see an ad for the same pair of shoes. That’s known as retargeting or remarketing.


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