Podcast advertising is expected to grow over $1 billion by 2021

July 16, 2019 by Naim

Blog posts, infographics, presentation slides, comments, forum marketing, and video content. These are all different forms of content, and they all have been effective in some way or form. And although a couple of those mediums may have lost their efficacy, others are still growing in the content marketing world.

However, there is one more content medium that is continuously growing — podcast.

Podcasts tend to be highly engaging and informative for delivering certain types of messages. They also convey information in an easy-to-consume medium. Moreover, if the host is deeply respected in the community, the audience becomes much more receptive to the content being presented, making it a very effective online marketing medium. (more…)

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4 Google Ads tips for improving click-through rate and conversion rate

July 12, 2019 by Samwise Diamond

Google Ads is an excellent way to target keywords that would be extremely difficult for your website to rank for organically. With the right type of ads, any website can start gaining targeted traffic and sales almost immediately.

However, not every Google Ad campaign is a success.

The efficacy of a paid search campaign heavily depends on your strategy and execution. You have to be tactical in how you plan your paid campaign and meticulous in the way you execute your strategy.

Following are 5 Google Ads tips that will help you improve CTR and conversion rate.


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Samwise Diamond

Google’s plan may include bringing Google Search Console data to third-party platforms

July 11, 2019 by Naim

Google Search Console is a source of valuable data and insights for webmasters. However, the ability to access that data and information on other third-party platforms is not an option.

But that may change soon.

In a recent video on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel, Google’s Martin Splitt revealed that the company is working on plans that would bring Google Search Console’s data to third-party content platforms.

The video, as you can see, is about the future of the web. During the discussion, Splitt mentioned that the future involves bringing data to where people already are. He hinted that the integration of the data from the Search Console would be done through an API. (more…)

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