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At Improve my Search Ranking we believe it’s important we do everything we can to help you improve the SEO potential of your website. That’s why our bespoke SEO Training leaves the jargon to one side and offers highly practical explanations and solutions to help turn your SEO mindset around.

Effective SEO Training

Working together with clients, our SEO training will show you the latest search engine optimisation innovations, reveal how SEO works, demonstrate how all your online activity works together to boost your SEO and the pitfalls to avoid.

Some of the major topics covered are the:

  • Differences and benefits between organic and paid-for traffic
  • Broad range of on-page and off-page SEO factors
  • Main areas of your web pages that build strong organic traffic
  • Importance of keywords and how to use
  • Optimisation tools worth using

We invite businesses from across London, Kent and Bromley to benefit from SEO Training delivered by an agency that really knows how to create results. We invite businesses from across London, Kent and Bromley to benefit from SEO Training delivered by an agency that really knows how to create results.

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We ensure our SEO training is built around your knowledge gaps and interest levels. To achieve this, we ask our clients to brief us before every training session so we get to know their current levels of understanding and the range of on-page and off-page SEO elements they want guidance on.

We discuss the SEO practices and standards they currently have in place, taking note of any issues and resolving them through the content of the training.

We all learn best in a comfortable environment. That’s why we’re highly flexible where we deliver our training, leaving you to decide if it’s in-house at your workplace or in a setting away from the day-to-day interruptions of work.

Training can be offered on a one-to-one basis or to groups. Training staff with a range of responsibilities is best done in small groups, where we tailor topics to match specific needs.

There’s no denying that the topic of SEO is very broad and very technical. However, we’re not about dragging you down with the jargon. Nor, do we expect our training to transform you into SEO experts. What’s important to us is that we show you the SEO elements you can work with to improve your online performance.

If you’re already using an agency like us to boost your online ranking, you’ll learn more about how our methods work. If you’re not, then taking our training will help you be better informed to judge what SEO elements are in and out of scope for your business and the help you need.

All of our trainers have in-depth knowledge of SEO, having been part of the industry for years. They have seen the algorithms grow in complexity, the rise of social media and its role within SEO and the positive opportunities Google now offer small businesses through local search.

They bring this to all our training, offering real-life examples and practical solutions. They encourage delegates to share their own queries and frustrations to maximise the learning experience.

At the end of every training session we invite delegates to take part in a quick quiz, recapping the topics that have been covered. This technique is not only a fun way to test the delegates new-found knowledge but also presents them with a revision sheet they can refer to later.

We’re always keen for delegates to feedback on their learning experiences. We go through the responses of their feedback forms in detail, keen to hear of new ways we can improve our service.

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