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Get the traffic your website needs and the revenue increase your business deserves with search engine optimisation by Improve My Search Ranking. Our SEO services in Kent will make it easy for your target audience to find your business on the web.

Featuring a customised SEO approach, we will highlight your strengths while also boosting your web presence. Our seasoned team of SEO specialists stays on top of industry trends and best practices to consistently deliver exceptional service.

Whether you’re running a small shop or a large company, a boost to your search visibility will help increase your profit margins.

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Why Your Kent Business Needs Search Engine Optimisation Services

Since most consumers now rely on the internet when making purchasing decisions, search engines have become the de facto gatekeepers of business online. Fortunately, search engine optimisation, especially when done right, can be your key to success in this new landscape. 

Today, having a website or a couple of social media accounts is not enough to attract the traffic that you need to increase sales. 

With the right SEO team behind you, you can ensure that your website is always up to date on changes in the algorithms of search engines like Google. In turn, this will lead your listings to the top of search results, where most people look. 

How We Work

Once you get in touch with us, we will immediately schedule a free consultation to talk about the needs, pain points and strengths of your business. We’ll also look into the opportunities present in your industry through extensive keyword research. The goal is for us to gain a nuanced understanding of your enterprise so we can tailor an SEO strategy.

We will also evaluate your current web presence through a comprehensive SEO audit. This will include looking into your website’s existing ranking keywords, backend coding, page loading speeds, social media integration and more. 

Finally, our team will develop an effective SEO strategy based on the information we’ve gathered. We’ll execute and maintain this campaign while giving you regular updates. Don’t hold back, and give us a call today. Let’s talk about your SEO campaign!


What does an SEO agency do?

SEO services help companies increase online visibility by optimising websites and other services for relevant keywords that their customers are searching for. By ranking for those specific target keywords, we can ensure your website gets in the eyes of your prospective customers, leading to more traffic and more sales.

What are the main search engines?

Google is by far the most used search engine! Other search engines include:

  1. Google: Around 90%
  2. Bing: Around 2.5%
  3. Yahoo: Around 1.5%
  4. Baidu: Around 1.0%
  5. Yandex: Around 0.5%
  6. DuckDuckGo: Around 0.5%
  7. AOL Search: Less than 0.5%

For this reason, we focus our efforts on Google, where we keep up to date with the latest algorithms. However, the recent acquisition of Chat GPT by Bing (Microsoft) is an interesting development!

Why hire a Kent SEO agency?

For Kent businesses it makes sense to hire a local SEO company for several reasons. Firstly, you can come and visit us anytime in person where we can have a discussion. Secondly, being in Kent, we know the area very well! Which is crucial if you’ve got a service based business and need to market to your local community.

What sets our search engine optimisation services apart from the rest?

As a Kent SEO company, we specialise in generating the ‘right’ website traffic for your business. For many serviced based businesses this is getting seen in the local search results. For instance, there no point getting enquires from Manchester if you’re based in Margate. Take a look at our case studies to see our track record of former client achievement! In addition, we have received Search awards for our efforts, indicating that we are the top SEO company. To fully understand our professionalism and SEO knowledge, please schedule a call.

What SEO strategies do you employ?

We employ proven cutting-edge techniques to generate our results:

Keyword Research

The foundation of any successful SEO campaign is to conduct in-depth keyword research. By finding appropriate keywords your potential customers are searching for, we can optimise your website to rank for them.

SEO Audit

We usually conduct a free SEO audit for our prospective clients to identify the current level of SEO a site has. This is most useful as it gives a list of all the things we need to work on, specifically relating to technical SEO (e.g. pagespeed, mobile friendliness, title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tag, header tags, image optimisations etc).

Website Content

The more website content you have, the more keywords you are likely to rank for, and the more presence we can take up in the search engine results pages. This is why we have a strong focus on content marketing.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is also undertaken so we can see if we can viably rank for that keyword against your competition. It also helps steer our SEO strategy, as it informs us of areas we need to work on to beat your competition!

Link Building

A large part of SEO is acquiring high-quality links to improve your domain authority (a logarithmic rating used to measure your website’s trust and reputation online). We acquire these links through local citations, editorial backlinks and in some cases digital PR.

Conversion rate Optimisation

Generating traffic to your site is great, but if they don’t convert then you’re missing out on lots of potential business. Its our mission to realise your business goals through our suite of digital marketing services, specifically SEO. This is why we optimise websites designs and add features and messaging to ensure you’re customers arent just entering your sales funnel, but converting too.

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Don’t Let Opportunity Pass You By

Kent business owners wondering how they can get more from their underperforming websites need to look no further. Improve My Search Ranking offers companies a customer-centric approach to SEO services in Kent that improves their search ranking, elevates brand awareness and drives business growth.

Just over 20 years ago the internet economy didn’t exist. Today it’s bigger than the economy of the UK. The companies that are enjoying the fruits of that explosive growth are the ones with high-quality SEO campaigns behind their websites. Don’t let the incredible potential of the internet pass you by. Contact Improve My Search Ranking and punch your ticket to the 21st century.

We have driven £10,000,000s worth of visitors to our clients' websites. We'd love to see if we could do the same for you.

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"Improve My Search Ranking have helped us grow our company in an exceptionally effective manner. With their digital marketing expertise, they have helped us achieve Page 1 Google rankings for over 1,000 keyword phrases."


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