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7 Twitter Tips for More Traffic

August 10, 2014 0 comments

If you want traffic for your website, look no further. Twitter is a goldmine of targeted traffic and business prospects. You just need to figure it out a little…

Yet, figuring it out is the most difficult part, isn’t it?

There is nothing to worry about, though. In this post, I outline 7 amazing tips for driving more targeted traffic from Twitter to your website. All these tips are really simple and practical.

So let’s see how to generate loads of targeted traffic from Twitter.

1. Leverage the Power of Images

Twitter is no longer a text-only platform. In fact, tweets with images attract more eyeballs and attention. Moreover, tweets that have images also get 2x more engagement and interaction than text-only tweets.

Twitter now automatically displays expanded images in your tweets, and it is high time you start taking advantage of it. Just make sure to add images that are meaningful and make a lot of sense with what you have to say. Also, be sure to make sure your images are the perfect size for the platform – this article explains this in more detail.

optimal size image for Twitter post


2. Spark Curiosity

Twitter allows you to have 160 characters, and that’s perfect for building tension and curiosity.

You see, the whole idea of sharing something on Twitter to increase traffic on your website isn’t to give everything away. In fact, it is to create curiosity and interest so your followers/readers click on those links to get the whole story.

If you give them the entire information right away, why would they even bother to visit your website?

So always make sure your tweets are nothing more than a good “teaser”.


3. Tweet again, and again … and again. It’s Okay!

Sharing the same information over and over again is usually considered a bad practice. But believe me, it’s quite okay to share the same content multiple times on Twitter.

It is very common to miss important information under thousands of tweets. Apart from that, different users have different time-zones and daily routines. Your goal should be to accommodate everyone.

However, you can still avoid duplication by a little alteration.

For instance, you can first share a link to your latest blog post with a simple headline. For the second time, you may change the headline into a question, a quote or statistic. If you want to post it again, you can add an image, video or other form of multimedia (slideshow, audio, etc.).

In this way, you will be able to post the same link 3 times without being annoying or repetitive.


4. Post When It Matters

In the previous point, we discussed the importance – and the right technique – of tweeting the same post multiple times. This is because it is quite common for your followers to miss out on important updates. And this leads us to another very important point now, which is …

What is the most effective time to tweet?

You see, although not many marketers realise it, there is a certain pattern and science behind Twitter. Statistics reveal that tweets on Friday gets the most amount of retweets. Moreover, you should ideally tweet between 12AM – 2PM to get the most interaction and engagement.

So the tip is to post when it really matters. You will get more retweets, a better click-through ratio and certainly, more traffic.


5. You Don’t Need 160 Characters

Most marketers lament about the 160-character limitation of Twitter, but as a matter of fact, you don’t even need 160 characters.

The idea is to get more retweets and engagement, right? As it leads to more brand awareness, exposure and traffic visits.

Studies reveal that tweets with 71-100 characters generate the most retweets. The logic behind it is to leave a few characters for RT, username and user’s personal comments.


6. Customise Your Bio

Although it seems a very small thing to do, it can have an excellent impact on your Twitter profile.

First of all, it creates authority, which, in turn, increases confidence in your followers. Users would more likely to follow you and visit your website if they trust you and your expertise.

Secondly, it can bring a whole lot of traffic to your website.

The idea is to put your website’s URL address in your bio, so users can visit it whenever they visit your profile. Moreover, you can also put a link to either your latest blog post or a very popular post that reflects your best work in your particular niche.


7. Love #Hashtags

Twitter is all about hashtags. The more you use them in your Tweets, the better it is for your marketing campaign. However, you can’t be totally blind and negligent about it.

The idea is to use the most relevant, useful and popular hashtags. And how do you find them?

  • First of all, consider adding the most relevant hashtag. It should be directly relatable and relevant to the content you are sharing.
  • Secondly, you can always brainstorm and find which hashtags are in at the moment. WhatTheTrend and are two great services that you can use for that purpose.
  • Apart from that, it is also a good idea to see which hashtags the industry-leaders are currently using for their tweets. If you can see yourself replicating that for your own tweets, feel free to do so.



Twitter is an excellent source of targeted traffic and potential prospects. But it all depends on how you use it.

The above-mentioned 7 tips are excellent and very effective. I highly recommend sticking to these strategies and you’ll see great results and lots of traffic.


By  @hamit