The Most Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO Ever: 2020 Edition

December 26, 2019 by Josh Hamit

Welcome to our 16 chapter, 13,000 word guide to Local SEO. We believe this is the most comprehensive Local SEO guide on the ‘net.

Please read through at your leisure, or download the PDF version of this guide here.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Local SEO
  • Google My Business Setup and Optimisation
  • Bing Places Setup and Optimisation
  • Keyword Research for Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO Best Practices for Local SEO
  • How to Create Schema Tags & Place It On Your Website
  • The Definitive List of Local SEO Ranking Factors
  • Local Citations
  • Optimising To Rank In Local Map Pack Results
  • Building Credibility and Reviews
  • Backlink Building Strategies for Local SEO
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console Setup
  • How to Run a Local SEO Audit On Your Website
  • How To Audit Your Competitor’s SEO
  • How To Track The Progress Of Your Local SEO Campaign
  • Bringing It All Together


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Josh Hamit

Voice assistant usage is up by 9.5% in 2019

August 23, 2019 by Naim

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana.

Over the last few years, these voice assistants have been getting a lot of attention and popularity.

Because of this, the market for voice search is expanding rapidly.

This has changed the way the average consumer searches for product and information on the web. At the same time, it has also shifted the way digital marketers, SEO professionals, content creators, and online business people cater to their audience and potential buyers.

According to a recent report by emarketer, the usage of voice assistant has increased from 102 million U.S. users in 2018 to 111.8 million U.S. users in 2019. It is an increase of 9.5 percent in one year. (more…)

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4 Google Ads tips for improving click-through rate and conversion rate

July 12, 2019 by Samwise Diamond

Google Ads is an excellent way to target keywords that would be extremely difficult for your website to rank for organically. With the right type of ads, any website can start gaining targeted traffic and sales almost immediately.

However, not every Google Ad campaign is a success.

The efficacy of a paid search campaign heavily depends on your strategy and execution. You have to be tactical in how you plan your paid campaign and meticulous in the way you execute your strategy.

Following are 5 Google Ads tips that will help you improve CTR and conversion rate.


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Samwise Diamond