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Upload and Share Your Videos On Social Media with Buffer

August 26, 2015 0 comments

Video marketing is a fact that you can no longer ignore.

The total number of videos on Facebook has grown by 360%. Moreover, 82% Twitter users now watch video content, and it is reported 50% of American Facebook users watch at least one video on a daily basis.

Whether you are utilising this channel or not, you can’t deny the fact that video marketing has matured into a very potent and profitable online marketing medium.

Fortunately for online marketers and entrepreneurs, who do understand the true value and immense power of video marketing, Buffer has announced its new feature. With Buffer, you can now upload your video once and share it across different social media platforms.

As a content marketer or blogger, you might be already using Buffer. In case you haven’t, make sure you sign up. It’s a wonderful tool that makes social media sharing and marketing a task you’d love to do over and and over.

And when the same team — with the familiar interface and methods — announced the video uploading and sharing feature, most online marketers welcomed it with open arms. This is something, I believe, most of us have been waiting for.

The idea and core concepts are very simple.

  • You upload a video in your Buffer account.
  • After the video is uploaded, you can select a thumbnail for it.
  • Add a title and a message to your video, and …

Voila! You’re done.

You will be then ready to share or schedule your videos (just as you do with blog posts or website content with Buffer) to various social media networks.

With this new feature, we expect a lot more videos floating on the social media websites. I’d recommend jumping on to it and start your video marketing medium as soon as you can. And don’t forget to go for the quality, instead of the quantity of your shared videos. Build your brand now, make it recognisable, distinguish yourselves from the rest of the people competing with you, and don’t forget to do all of that with Buffer — a simple and easy tool to make video marketing simple and easy!