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How Has #BeckBromFL Helped You?

June 25, 2014 13 comments

In June 2014 we asked the local community how the #BeckBromFL (Beckenham Bromley Follower Ladder) had benefited individuals and local businesses. The response we had was tremendous to say the least. Learn about the true value the #BeckBromFL brings in the e-book below!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed!



  • Hi, my name is Emma & I manage all the social media for my partner (Scott’s) window cleaning biz.
    I have been an active member of #BeckBromFL for about 3 yrs.. I was originally introduced to it by a local blogger who fiercely supports local businesses @juliewhitney.
    When Scott decided to change career path after a hard recession I knew I could draw from the support of the #beckbromfl community to support us and help spread the word of our new biz.
    And what a wonderful job they have done! We have not only had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people but have delevoped real long standing friendships.
    I believe we all need to support each other & where possible will recommend & use the services & products from the local businesses on #BeckBromFL.
    The ladder creates a unique opportunity to give honest and reliable recommendations & feedback from real local people and businesses. Which is invaluable.
    We are truly grateful to #BeckBromFL community
    Thank you!
    Emma & Scott

  • We have been using Twitter and #BeckBromFL for quite a few years now.
    We have recieved a very warm welcome from all involved and continue to get great feedback and recommendations from all.
    We also deal with lots of other trades in our business and have found some of these through #BeckBromFL and regularly recommend them to my clients who ask if I know anybody to carry out works we do not cover.
    For the general public it’s a fantastic forum to find a trade, shop or service within the area but also get an honest apprasial of the business that they may give work to, through contactacting past customers through a simple tweet or DM.
    I have watched #BeckBromFL grow, and also given input, on where changes can be made as it does so to help the ever growing numbers that join.
    Overall a great experience and long may it continue!
    Danny Searle -Plumbline Direct

  • Using this forum has been both a privilage and a valubale tool to assist the local people of the borough and beyond.
    Genuine way to be recomended and recomend.
    Great way to be a part of the local community, keep up the good work!
    PS love the banter 🙂

  • #beckbromfl is a fabulous local social networking hashtag.
    Ever since joining twitter I’ve been welcomed by a host of local people and businesses, happy to RT us and in return promote them too. Wonderful real life social events have occurred too at local #beckbromfl businesses and it’s been great fun putting faces to twitter names! Honoured and proud to be a supporter of this local hashtag provided local support and new clients and most of all friends! Enormous thanks goes to Lynda of Baccarat for starting this wonderful local community. Clair – Little Fingers

  • I’m a non-business user of twitter & #BeckBromFL & have to say I have found so many decent businesses that I continue to use. It makes such a difference not having to look for a hairdresser/handyman/plumber/oven cleaner & risk getting a cowboy! Everyone is so friendly & #BeckBromFL is invaluable to local people looking for local trades

  • I own my own Business Fitness Rate (7yrs) I’m Qualified Private Personal Trainer & Dyslexia Strategy Adviser – promoting my business using #beckbromfl in my tweets has helped my business to grow & clients through the door. I have been active on twitter since late last year. I bought a book to help me understand twitter & business which was helpful.
    Using #beckbromfl is a great way to promote businesses within the area.
    I have met some lovely people in business thro local twitter. I have also made some lovely friends though twitter.
    #beckbromfl is certainly not just a business tool to bring in business but a tool to support each person within business. Nice to have support from people who work within area. I believe for my business this is number 1 tool for promoting & using #beckbromfl I gain new clients, interest & support every week.
    I also hold another account – Bromley Adult Dyslexia (Charity) Again using #beckbromfl is a great way to let people know about Dyslexia Awearness & monthly meetings.

  • We think #BeckBromFL is a great network of local small businesses. We can confirm that not only has it helped us gain business from being #bizoftheweek, others recommending us through the #BeckBromFL network, seeing our reviews within our favoutites or meeting us socially at a #BeckBromFL tweetup but it has also helped us whether it has been for a dog walker, plaster, hairdresser, personal trainer, sweet cones, baby clothes, evening dress, electrician the list is endless. I think #BeckBromFL has a trusted name and we are very proud to be part of it and very pleased to have meet some lovely friends from it too. I am very thankful to Lynda from baccarat hair for setting this up and long may the success continue!

  • I have been involved with the #BeckBromFL community pretty much since the beginning. Although not a business when I first started using and supporting the hashtag, I thought it was a brilliant way to network and support locally. I have found help and services, donated to charity, laughed, cried and made a heap of new friends through #BeckBromFL Having just started my own business I feel comforted that a lot of people have ‘got my back’ with genuine care and passion to support all things local, I love doing the same in return.
    I truly believe it to be a brilliant thing for the community and hope it inspires other boroughs, towns and cities to follow suit.

  • I have been using twitter and #BeckBromFL since December 2013. When I first signed up to twitter I had no idea where to start! @PartyChic2 advised me to add the BeckBromFL hashtag to my tweets and informed me of how supportive a community it is. From the very first tweet I received a warm welcome and I have since made many firm friends, new business contacts and I have discovered many individuals that I would highly recommend to others.
    The support I have received has enabled me to spread the word about my business whilst helping others to do the same.
    Thank you to all in the BeckBromFL community, I am so grateful for all of your support

  • Twitter and the #BeckBromFL hashtag have helped me a lot since I started my own small business three years ago. In fact my very first customer – who happened to live in Beckenham, came via Twitter!
    I provide IT support services for individuals, families and small businesses and while I do not live in Bromley – but nearby in Catford – I always wanted to reach out to the local area in and around Bromley as one of my target markets in order to promote my services and canvass for business.
    Being a sole trader and having a “limited” (read that as zero) advertising budget I was unsure how best to promote my services when I first started. If people don’t know about you – then how can you expect to grow your business apart from word of mouth?
    The #BeckBromFL hashtag helped me to reach out and engage with a large community of local residents and businesses – all for free. It is a “must do” for anyone looking for or wanting to promote their business in and around Bromley.
    And anyone looking for a local service can use the hashtag to ask for recommendations, questions and advice. It’s word of mouth in the virtual world.
    This eventually translates to the real world. I’ve met some wonderful people through using the hashtag – both formally to do work for them and informally at the BeckBromFL tweetups. It’s a great way to grow your business network and it’s great to help others to promote their services and products too – because it’s reciprocated: One for all, all for one!
    In any business – small or large, reputation and integrity are paramount. The hashtag is more than just way to “filter” and promote local businesses in Bromley – it’s about the personality of the person tweeting and their business. If you genuinely and honestly engage with people and they commend your service – then they are more likely to do repeat business with you at some point or at the very least recommend you to others.
    Thank you to all those who contribute and promote the hashtag.

  • Our charity has been using the #beckBromfl since last year and it has been great to get the word out to local businesses and the community about our work. The #beckbromfl group were responsible for collecting and delivering over 100 children’s Christmas presents, donated by the local community, for our Christmas party and fundraising tombola. We have also made contact with lots of local therapists that have helped at our Pamper event and helped to raise much needed funds for our cause.
    It has been great to meet the members of #beckbromfl at tweetups and continue that great relationship.

  • Wonderful to be introduced to #BeckBromfl only last month, as I am now working back on the local area as a coach and hypnotherapist. I was on twitter but not very active. The sense of community, collaboration and commitment has been amazing. I was introduced by Lynda who has done such an amazing job and a role model, I have been going to Baccarat for many many years! so I was aware of it but not participating in it. Since joining I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful network and support. I have received such a warm welcome from everyone and have been able to spread the word about my business but as importantly others. It is a source of help, support and of course I have benefitted from many of the array of services and products on offer. Long may it continue, lead by example and Lynda certainly does that. Also very exciting to gradually meet members face to face and look forward to attending my first tweet up soon #beckBromfl onwards and upwards! thank you one and all! it has been a wonderful journey so far.

  • I am a newbie to Twitter and #BeckBromfl has provided the warmest of welcomes. It has been a particularly useful way network with other professionals and businesses in the local area. I have really been amazed at the positive response to the #BeckBromfl re-tweets I have received. It has enabled me to publicise my events to a broader and wider network – for which I am very grateful. It has also been a pleasure to reciprocate and do the same for others.
    Many thanks to all who are part of the supportive #BeckBromfl community!
    Claire Oakeley

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