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Google’s Top 3 Search Engine Ranking Factors Revealed

April 7, 2016 0 comments

Ever wanted to know what are the top 3 Google search engine ranking factors?

Of course, you did!

Google has been always very tight-lipped on how its algorithms work and what search engine ranking factors are given the most importance.

However, the good news is that the mystery is no more. We actually know what the top 3 search engine ranking factors are for Google.

In a recent Q&A conversation, Andrey Lippatsev, who is a search quality senior strategist at Google, revealed the top 3 search engine ranking factors that are the most important for Google and have the biggest impact on your search engine rankings.

He said:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content. And the links pointing to your website.”

So, there you have it. The two most important search engine ranking factors in the eyes of Google: link and content.

But what about the third factor?

Actually, we already know about it.

Last year, it was revealed that Google’s new search engine algorithm update, RankBrain is actually the third most important search ranking factor.

So, there we have it — the top three search engine ranking factors officially declared and confirmed by Google.

1. Content

2. Links pointing to your website (backlinks)

3. RankBrain

You can watch the Q&A session with Andrey Lippatsev here.

And if you want to learn more about RankBrain (which you should), click here for a nice FAQ post.