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Google’s Penguin Update 4.0 is Expected to be Released Within Next Few Weeks

November 9, 2015 0 comments

Google’s Penguin Update 4.0, a real-time Penguin algorithm, is expected to be released within the next few weeks, before 2015 comes to an end.

It was expected and predicted that the next iteration of Google’s Penguin update is due soon. But after a few recent developments, it is almost certain that it will be released within the next 52 days, before 2015 ends.

Gary Illyes, who is Google’s webmaster trends analyst, has recently confirmed on Twitter that the Google’s Penguin will be released in 2015. And since there are only two months left in 2015 — November and December — we can safely assume that it is most likely to be here within the next 60 days.

Have a look at this following confirmation conversation with Gary Illyes about Google’s Penguin expected roll-out date.

Google’s Penguin Update 4.0 is Expected to be Released Within Next Few Weeks

Also, after this 4.0 update, we can expect that any further releases will be done in real-time. It means that the Google Penguin algorithm will be updating continuously in real-time without any specific release dates.

In other words, if Google detects a website with spammy and questionable link-building strategies, it will penalise the website impact its search engine rankings right away. Also, as soon as the website fixes a bad SEO practice, the real-time Google algorithm update will signal the Google’s indexer to pick it up.

We are keeping a close eye on any further development on this. And we will let you know as soon as the final release date is confirmed for Google Penguin 4.0.