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How to Build Backlinks for a New Website?

November 23, 2021 7 comments

We all know that backlinks are one of the top 3 search engine ranking factors at the moment. And the way search engines are evolving, it is not going to change anytime soon.

Backlinks have a lot of importance, and that significance is only going to grow. So, if you want to rank your website higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you better start building some high-quality backlinks.

But how do you do that when you have a completely fresh and new website?

You see, it is slightly easier for established websites to build backlinks. However, new websites and blogs can find it extremely difficult to get going.

But don’t worry.

In this post, I’m going to share 3 solid tips on how to build backlinks for a fresh new website.

1. Build a Free Tool

Although it is a slightly expensive option, it’s still a highly effective one.

You can get tons of awesome backlinks by building a free tool and sharing it with the online community for free on your website.

If that tool serves a useful purpose for your target audience and blogging community, people will not only come to your website to use that tool, but they will be also talking about it and sharing it on their social media profiles.

For instance, is a great keyword research tool that many people use. When somebody mentions it on their website — just like I did right now — they create a valuable backlink. Moreover, the backlinks that you will get with this method would be highly relevant and targeted.

We’ve created a couple of our own tools too:

2. Replicate Your Competitor’s Backlinks

For this method, you will need another tool that can thoroughly examine your competitor’s backlinks. There are three tools that instantly come to mind:

Moz is a great digital marketing tool; it serves multiple purposes. But if your primary goal is to thoroughly examine backlink profiles, Ahrefs is a better option. Furthermore, Ahrefs is constantly introducing new tools, such as ‘Content Explorer’ and ‘Keyword Explorer’ to make the tool even better and more comprehensive.

Anyway, the idea is to research and find out how your competitors are getting their backlinks and then replicate those strategies.


Once you know the source of your competitors’ backlinks, you can go after those sources and get backlinks for your own website.

The benefit of this method is that you will not have to manually search for resources from where you can acquire powerful backlinks. By analysing your competitors’ backlink profiles, you can instantly find out their sources and go after them.

For instance, if you see that one of your competitor has been building backlinks via guest posting, you can approach those blogs and try to get your post there as well. That way, you will be also building backlinks — the same as your competitors — but you won’t have to do the research and find out blogs that accept guest posts. Ahrefs would have done that for you.

Let’s talk more about guest posting, which is our next point.

3. Guest Posting

I highly recommend guest posting for any blog or website. It is, by far, one of the most effective techniques to not only acquire relevant and high-quality backlinks but also to build important online relationships.

When guest posting, make sure to remember the following points:

  • Do not publish your guest posts on irrelevant websites. Stay within your specific niche and industry.
  • Too many backlinks from irrelevant websites may actually cause a search engine penalty.
  • Aim for blogs that have a higher ‘Domain Authority’ than yours.
  • Do not just rely on the author-bio link in the end. Also aim for a couple of contextual backlinks within the text of the post.
  • Make sure that you are fully utilizing the guest posting process by redirecting the users to a specific landing page — not just the homepage of your website. Use that landing page to build your email list that you can later use to acquire more customers.

Final Words

So these are the 3 proven tips and tricks that you can use to build backlinks for a completely fresh and new website.

Building backlinks is tough — and it is even tougher for a new website with no presence — but it is definitely manageable with the right tactics and strategies. Use these 3 tips to make sure that you are building valuable backlinks as soon as possible.



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