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AdWords Position #4 Produces Better Results

May 12, 2016 0 comments

Have you ever wondered about which AdWords position is actually the best one in terms of high CTR and low CPC?

Adobe Media Optimizer recently conducted a study that analyses anonymous data for more than 3 months in search advertising. They specifically measured the impact of Google’s recent changes in the AdWords world, the impact of removing the right-hand sidebar, and the best performing AdWords positions in this new search advertising world.

We actually now have an answer, and it is truly surprising.

According to the study that was published in April 2016, the 4th position actually produces the best results with the highest CTR and the lowest CPC.

The study also revealed the impact what we all expected, i.e., small businesses got affected the most by this recent change in the Google ads presentation. Now small business owners have to pay more to acquire the top positions in paid ads listings.

Following the presentational change, cost per click (CPC) has increased by 6% for the first position and 7% for the second position. However, costs per click (CPC) dropped by 8% for the third position and approximately 10% for the fourth position. It is now evident that advertisers are now paying much more to get listed in the top 2 positions.

However, in reality, it is the last two positions that are generating more clicks.

Following the change, the click through rates (CTR) didn’t change for the second position at all. For the first position, the CTR rose by a whopping 13%. For the third position, the increment was only of 2%.

But the most notable rise was seen in the fourth position — 18%.

So, in theory, the fourth position is actually much more profitable for advertisers now. It has experienced the biggest drop in cost (10%) and has seen the highest increment in CTR (18%).

What do you think of the decision by Google to remove the right sidebar for Google ads? How have you been affected by it?

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