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4 Facebook Ads Optimisation Tips That’ll Boost Conversions

September 19, 2016 0 comments

Facebook is a great platform for online marketing. Although it started as just a social networking website where friends could connect with each other, Facebook has now grown significantly as a business and online marketing platform.

The best thing about Facebook and using it as an advertising channel is that Facebook has pretty much all the information you need regarding your target audience and potential customers. Facebook knows what they like, what they don’t, their preferences, languages, demographics, buying behaviours, relationship status, and everything in between.

And when you advertise on Facebook, you get access to this wonderful database that you can use to laser-target your potential customers.

On paper, however, Facebook advertising may seem a super simple task, but in reality it can be a bit difficult.

If your Facebook ads are not converting as well as they should, this is the perfect post for you. In this post, we discuss 4 Facebook ads optimisation tips that will boost conversions, revenues, and profits.

Let’s see what these tips are:


1. Targeting Audience

The key to success in Facebook advertising is the ability to target your audience well.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a huge database of its users. It has almost too many options to select the right audience.

It can be very tempting to select a broad group of target audience. If you do select a broad group of target audience, your Facebook ads will not perform that well. It’s that simple.

You need to laser-focus on your target audience. The narrower your target audience, the better it is. After all, the concept is very simple. You do not want to display your ads to people who may or may not buy your product or services. They must be highly targeted and relevant.


2. Use Contrasting and Different Images

Images form a crucial part of Facebook ads.

If you are trying to improve the conversion rate of your Facebook ads, it might be a good idea to test vastly different and contrasting images.

Different images grab the attention of your readers in different ways. You may not know which image is resonating with your target audience in the best possible way until you try a few different ones.

When trying different images, make sure to keep everything else uniform. It will help you identify which image converts better.


3. Managing Ads Frequency

A successful Facebook ad campaign greatly depends on the ad frequency.

In Facebook advertising, ‘ad frequency’ refers to the number of times an ad is shown to your target audience. For example, an ad frequency of ‘2’ means that, on average, every person in your selected group of target audience sees your ad twice.

The problem with high frequency is that it can significantly increase your cost while also decreasing interest in your brand. It can become tedious and boring for your potential customers to repeatedly see the same ad.

On the other hand, a very low frequency rate can decrease conversions. An ad may need to be displayed a few times before someone decides to buy.

Therefore, you need to keep a balance. Rotate your ads wisely so the frequency isn’t too high.


4. Remarketing

Remarketing is an extremely potent and efficient online marketing technique. It works very well in Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, many Facebook marketers simply ignore remarketing and that costs them a lot of money and potential opportunities.

‘Remarketing’ is a technique in which you specifically target people who have already visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. You can remarket by using the Facebook Custom Audience feature.

You will have to run separate ads for successful Facebook remarketing. High prices or shipping charges are often reasons why someone visits your website but doesn’t go through with the transaction.

Consider running a separate ad for remarketing purposes with a special discount or a limited-time free shipping offer to those users. It can significantly boost your conversion rate.

Just don’t let all those people go who were interested enough to visit your website.


Facebook advertising is a wonderful tool to grow your online business. It may take some time to get into your stride, but once you get going you will be able to exponentially grow your customer base and profits.

Just follow these tips and constantly keep testing for better optimisation and results.