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Team Interview Series: Josh

December 7, 2021 0 comments

In this team interview series, we’re introducing each member of the IMSR team as they share key insights into the world of digital marketing, some of their hottest SEO ‘takes’, and more.

This week, we’re interviewing SEO Specialist, Josh Hamit.


1.  If you wrote a book about working in the SEO world, what would the title be?

  • The Return of the Title Tag; Why On-Page SEO Is King / SEO: The Domain Authority Awakens


2. What’s a common misconception you often hear about SEO?

  • That SEO is a ‘dark art’ and you need to do suspect things to your website to make it appear highly in Google. The complete opposite is true. You need to make your website is as user friendly as possible to get the best SEO results.


3. What drew you to a career in SEO?

  • The biggest lure of SEO for me is the mixture of technical and creative elements required to produce an effective campaign. I love that there are best practices and rules you can follow that will undoubtably improve your website’s ability to rank in Google. And once these best practices have been followed and you’re ranking in the upper echelons of Google, creativity and testing and measuring plays a huge part in getting you into that number one spot. I guess I am a numbers man, and I love to tinker and optimise things until they move in the direction I want!


4. Can you share one example of an SEO method that is often underrated or overlooked?

  • Internal linking! Off-site SEO, and particularly the idea of acquiring backlinks gets huge amounts of attention (and rightly-so), but how you optimise your website’s link structure internally plays a massive role in how your website will perform in Google. Sitemaps, blog side-bars, your main navigation, footer areas and anchor text are important areas to consider when planning your internal links. Don’t forget to!


5.  What is one unexpected skill you have picked up during your time at Improve My Search Ranking?

  • I’ve learnt so much it’s hard to choose one thing. But what comes to mind right now is the skill of learning about how other businesses operate and what type of SEO strategy would work best for them. I learn a lot from our clients on how we can improve as a business too. It’s always a pleasure to speak and learn from our clients about their businesses.