Our SEO Process In A Nutshell

Our SEO Process In A Nutshell

The rules of search are always evolving

The rules of search are always evolving, and as recently as last month Google rolled out fresh changes to its search algorithm with its ‘Exact Match Domain’ (EMD) update.  Although there are hundreds of factors that help search engines decide how to rank a page, a successful organic search depends primarily on two key variables – the choice of keywords and how they are placed, and the number of high quality, authoritative, relevant inbound links a website has.

We work closely with clients to determine lists of appropriate keywords for each page. We use the Google keyword generation tools, along with Hubspot and Moz to identify keywords that your competitors may be employing successfully. The latest research shows that most searches are conducted using short three or four word phrases, so we tend to concentrate on such combinations. Typically we will suggest one primary keyword group and a number of secondary keywords.

Building best practice SEO principles into a website is arguably the most important facet of a website build. Having a website that ranks highly for the keywords potential customers are searching for will give a website a huge advantage over its competitors. A brief overview of our SEO process is highlighted below.

Website Architecture Review

Amongst other things, search depends highly on code that search engine robots can crawl effectively. Therefore we begin every project with a complete review of site architecture and usability from a search engine point of view. Any problematic code strings, broken links, or dead end pages are identified and removed at this stage, and this evaluation process is carried out on a regular basis thereafter, with continuing optimisation recommendations provided. How search engines work is a topic we are experts in.

On-page SEO and Content Marketing

We create online content (blog articles, infographics, videos) for many of our clients, and intrinsic to the process is seeing that all the material we produce is fully optimised for highest possible search engine ranking position. This involves implementing on-page SEO best practices such as including keywords in the title and heading tags, URL structure and best use of internal anchor text, file names and titles. Search is always changing, and we carefully monitor all the major trends in the market, making recommendations as soon as possible to help you stay on top of the market, and ahead of your competitors.

Link Building

Just as we optimise content for search as we go, we provide detailed recommendations on link formats, page content and meta-data. This always includes a full back-link strategy, with particular attention to target high PR links. Whenever important new content – such as articles or press releases – is to be uploaded, we will edit the material for optimisation and also submit it to various relevant social bookmarking sites to help traffic grow virally. Where our research and market monitoring shows competitors capitalising on keywords we are not covering, we may suggest additional content, or even entire new areas for the site.

Moreover, we make use of some of the most ingenious link building strategies in the market to make sure our clients gain the highest quality, authoritative links from the best sites on the web.


In terms of reporting we can provide daily/weekly or monthly updates on search performance, including positions achieved, back link performance, response and traffic to new content. You are to sign-in to your own dashboard so our service is completely transparent and you can go in and check results for yourself.

I hope that has given you a taster of what you can expect from an SEO campaign at Improve My Search If you have any questions please do email

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