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Google updates its Google Ads 3-strike policy before its June 2022 implementation date

May 4, 2022 0 comments

Almost one year ago, in June 2021, Google announced its new three-strike Google Ads policy. The policy was based on a “three strikes, and you are out” policy system.

Last week, Google announced new updates to the policy — just before its implementation begins in June 2022.


What’s the three-strike policy?


According to the new policy by Google, Google will issue strikes against your Google Ads account when you have recorded multiple violations of Google’s policies.

Before this update, the strikes were limited to enabling dishonest behaviour, unapproved substances, and dangerous products or services policies. Now Google has added nine additional policies to the three-strike system.

Here are the nine new policies that will now be applicable from June 2022:

  1. Compensated sexual acts
  2. Mail-order brides
  3. Clickbait
  4. Misleading ad design
  5. Bail bond services
  6. Call directories, forwarding services
  7. Credit repair services
  8. Binary options
  9. Personal loans

How will the new system work?


After the first violation, a strike will be issued by Google against your Google Ads account. The owner of the Google Ads account will be notified about the strike via an in-account notification and email.

According to Google, a Google Ads account can receive a maximum of one warning and three strikes per policy violation.

  • Warning. As per Google, mistakes can happen. Therefore, your first violation will be treated as a mistake, and a warning will be issued against it.  But there cannot be a second warning.
  • First strike. If you violate a policy for the second time, you will earn your first strike. As a result, your account will be put in a temporary hold state for three days. If you do not take any action — acknowledge or appeal the strike — the continue will continue in this state. It is important to note that when an account is in a temporary hold state, it cannot run any ads. You will be able to access the reporting function, however.
  • Second strike. If you violate the same policy again within 90 days of receiving your first strike, you will earn a second strike that will serve as a final notice and put your account on a temporary hold for seven days.
  • Third strike. If you violate the same policy for the third time within 90 days, your Google Ads account will be suspended.

What should local business advertisers do?


If you have a local business that relies on Google Ads for traffic, sales, and revenue, we recommend that you audit and review all your ads before June 2022.

Carefully read all Google’s policies and make sure your business does not violate any. We also recommend reviewing all the old policy violation alerts and emails that you may have received in the past. While those violation alerts won’t result in a warning or strike, they can give you insights into some of the common mistakes you frequently make.

Suspension of a Google Ads account for a local business can be devastating — especially if you rely on automated bidding policies. Even if you create a new Google Ads account, it will take a long time for Google to learn about your ads and audiences again to get you the same CPC and CPA.

On top of that, the operational disturbance can be disastrous for businesses.

Work on your SEO strategy

SEO MArketing

In the meantime, we also recommend working on a robust SEO strategy in case you haven’t been working on it already.

Relying on Google Ads for instant traffic and sales is a good idea, but ultimately you want to rank for important keywords organically, so you can cut down on advertisement costs and increase your ROI.

If you want to work on your SEO strategy and need help, give us a call.