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Google to scrap old Search Console reports from December 13

December 14, 2018 0 comments

It is time to get acquainted with the new Google Search Console.

Google recently announced that it would scrap the old Search Console reports. After December 13, 2018, the old Search Console reports would redirect to the new Google Search Console reports.
The purpose of doing this is to reduce duplicative efforts of maintaining two (relatively) similar types of reports. At this stage, we all know that the old Search Console is somewhat redundant and outdated. It is, therefore, time to start redirecting users to the new Search Console reports.
As per the announcement made by Google, the following reports will redirect to the new Google Search Console equivalents:

  • Search Analytics
  • Manual Actions
  • Internal Links
  • Links to Your Site
  • Index Status
  • Mobile Usability

It is important to remember that not all these reports are available as is in the new Google Search Console. So the old report will redirect to the new equivalent version of the report.
For example, the Search Analytics report will redirect to the Performance Report. When you visit the old Search Console, you can see the notice by Google that redirection will soon start.
There are two types of notices available: one at the top of the page and a pop-up in the middle. Following is an example of the latter.
Moreover, for the moment, Google is only removing the reports that have replacements available in the new Search Console. If you are not familiar with the interface or the reporting system of the new Google Console version, it is time that you get started with that.
The redirection will start on December 13, 2018.