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Google is Removing the Custom Date Range Search Filter for Mobile Users

July 6, 2016 0 comments

We all know that Google likes to test, tweak, and change things. But we did not expect this one.

Google has decided that mobile users do not actually need the custom date range search filter, so they are going to remove it.

However, the desktop users will still have access to that filter. And mobile users will actually have to use the desktop version of Google to access the custom date range search filter if there is a need of it.

Here is the Google announcement:

“After much thought and consideration, Google has decided to retire the Search Custom Date Range Tool on mobile. Today we are starting to gradually unlaunch this feature for all users, as we believe we can create a better experience by focusing on more highly-utilized search features that work seamlessly across both mobile and desktop. Please note that this will still be available on desktop, and all other date restriction tools [e.g., “Past hour,” “Past 24 hours,” “Past week,” “Past month,” “Past year”] will remain on mobile.”

The custom date range search filter is found under the “Search Tools” option when you click on “Any Time” and select “Custom Range”. Mobile users would be still able to use the following time ranges:

  • Past Hour
  • Past 24 Hours
  • Past Week
  • Past Month
  • Past Year

Here is a complete list of time ranges. Soon you will not be seeing the “custom range” filter in here if you are using Google mobile search.