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Google introduces video assets, combinations report, and ad strength scores for Display Ads

February 27, 2019 0 comments

Google is making display ads even more interesting with new features. The three new features that Google is rolling out for responsive display ads are:

  • Video assets
  • Combinations report
  • Ad strength scorecards

These new features will help advertisers dabble with new techniques, predict ad performance with more accuracy, analyze metrics more easily.
Here are the details.

1. Video assets

According to Google, over 60% of shoppers say that online videos have inspired them or given them ideas for their purchase.
To fully leverage the power of video, Google is introducing video assets, which can be incorporated into responsive display ads.
Advertisers can select up to 5 videos from their YouTube channel and display those videos in a responsive display ad. The options for testing and optimization are available.

2. Combinations report

Ever wondered how machine learning is helping your ad campaigns and which combination is working well? The new combinations report will help you identify what’s working and why.
The new combinations report will highlight the top performing asset combinations in four separate sections: images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos.

3. Ad strength scorecard

Creating relevant and high-performing ads from the get-go is always a challenge for advertisers. Google’s new ad strength scorecard may help with that.
Google Ads will check for:

  • The optimal number of unique headlines,
  • Descriptions, and

There are also recommendations to help you improve your ad and set up yourself for success even before you begin.
The following image shows the ad strength scorecard in action.

Blog post image