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Google Ads’ New Workflow Lets Advertisers Create Goal-Based Campaigns

November 13, 2018 0 comments

Google Ads has updated its workflow to let advertisers create goal-based campaigns.

Previously, advertisers would create campaigns without specifying their business goals. With the new workflow, however, advertisers can first define their goals — such as sales, leads or website traffic generation — which then brings relevant suggestions on setting up the rest of the campaign.

Here is an image of the new workflow.

Google Ads’ New Workflow Lets Advertisers Create Goal-Based Campaigns

The idea behind this new workflow design is to let advertisers select the most appropriate campaign type for a particular business and marketing goal. For example, advertisers would see recommendations such as Display and Video campaign if their goal is to increase brand awareness. For newbie marketers, this may be the difference between a fail and a successful ad campaign.

The extent of the suggestions offered by the new workflow isn’t limited to the campaign type. After selecting the goal and campaign type, more suggestions regarding other campaign settings will pop up, including ad formats, ad extensions, campaign subtypes, and bidding focus.

If you are wondering, here is a full list of goals that advertisers can select and their corresponding campaign types that will be surfaced as suggestions:

Goals Campaign types
Sales Search, Display, Shopping
Leads Search, Display, Shopping, Video
Website traffic Search, Display, Shopping, Video
Product and brand consideration Display, Video
Brand awareness and reach Display, Video
App promotion Universal App


What do you think about this latest Google Ads update and the new workflow system?

Is it just an additional step — a gimmick — that the advertisers will have to waddle through or a meaningful automation system that may simplify online advertising, especially for newbie marketers?

Let us know what you think.

On the other hand, if you have any questions about search engine rankings or Google advertising, feel free to contact.