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5 Places to Steal Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

June 14, 2015 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges of running an active blog is to come up with new, interesting ideas on a regular basis.

According to a research study by Contently, 41% of inbound marketers struggle with the process of content creation, because most of them have no idea what to write about.

Are you facing a similar problem with your blog?

Don’t worry. You may not have a lot of idea about the topic of your next blog post, but there are still plenty of resources and proven ways to steal amazing ideas. In this post, we are going to point out 5 different places from where you can steal great ideas for your next blog post.

Here we go.


1.  Competitors

Fortunately, the blogging industry is perhaps the only one in which your “competitor” isn’t really a person you need to be afraid of. In fact, most rival bloggers are great friends and often help each other out.

So don’t think of other bloggers in your niche as your “competitors”, because they are not. They are, in fact, great sources to take inspiration and ideas from.

The idea is to closely follow your rival blogs, study them, and identify the things they have been doing right. Don’t just read their blog posts, but also go through each and every comment they are getting. You will find plenty of ideas.

There will be stories that you haven’t yet covered on your blog. Moreover, several established bloggers often announce in advance what they are going to do. Apart from that, there is always an interesting conversation going on in the comment section. Loyal readers and fans request posts on certain topics.

You can use all of that to come up with a list of blog posts for your own blog.


2. BuzzSumo

We have already mentioned BuzzSumo several times on our blog. But it is such a wonderful tool with a variety of uses that we just can’t afford missing it.

BuzzSumo is basically a tool that helps you find the most socially loved content in any given niche. For instance, if I search for “mobile marketing” this is what I get.

mobile marketing

As you can see, it not only shows the contents’ total social media shares, but BuzzSumo also displays the exact title of the blog post. This gives you plenty of opportunities to find the idea for your next blog post!

The best tip would be to find the most shared contents in your niche and write posts on those topics while making them better. Moreover, you can also sort content based on different social media networks. If, for example, Facebook is your strong social media platform, you can shortlist the topics that did well there.


3. AllTop

AllTop is another wonderful little site that can help you find latest, interesting, and some of the best topic ideas for your next blog post.

In simple words, AllTop collects all the top stories and headlines in a given niche across the web and displays it to you. The presentation is simple enough and is, thankfully, divided into popular blogs and categories. This makes it easier for you to find new blog post ideas as well as potential rival blogs to follow later on.

alltop blogs


4. Quora

Consider Quora as the updated version of Yahoo! answers. Only that is better, more socially active, and with a lot of potential to engage with the right target audience.

Simply put, it is a Q&A website where people ask questions about different things. You can find lots of questions by narrowing down the search to your given niche.

The best part about Quora is that its community is filled with bloggers, internet marketers, and real professional people. Based on your blog’s niche, you will find actual professionals who are trying to achieve something.

In other words, Quora gives you an opportunity to identify the real problems your target audience is struggling with. You can then write helpful blog posts on some of the most common problems and share it with your readers. You can even share the links on Quora directly to increase website traffic and targeted marketing.


5. Niche-Specific Books

Books have always been resourceful. Niche-specific books can even find you a whole list of great topics that you might not have covered on your blog yet.

The process is really simple.

Just go to the Amazon Books store and narrow down the search by specifying your niche. Another tip would be to be more specific and find even in-depth topics.

When you find a few books, pick the ones with the best reviews, and read their table of contents. Amazon allows you to do that for most of the books.

You will see a whole lot of topics in that table of contents that you can now write about on your blog. It is a bit unconventional method to come up with new blog post ideas, and this is exactly what is going to give you an edge over other bloggers in your niche.