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5 Google AdWords Tips for Instant Positive Results

February 5, 2018 0 comments

5 Google Adwords Tips

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is crucial for every business’s long-term online success. However, it is no hidden secret that search engine optimisation can take a few months — sometimes, even more than a year — to start generating ample organic traffic to your site.

A lot of businesses run out of money to sustain their business, or they just get fed up of no traffic and sales and give up.

If you want instant success, buying top search engines positions can be the perfect solution. Moreover, if it’s a new business, instant traffic through Google AdWords ads and search engine marketing campaigns (SEM) can give you a way to validate the popularity and profitability of your products and services.

In this blog post, we are going to share a few proven and highly effective Google AdWords tips that you can use for instant results and increased conversions at the least possible cost.

 1. Keep an Eye on the Ad Quality Score

A large part of the success of your search engine marketing campaigns depends on the cost you bear per ad click. You want to keep that cost to as minimum as possible — which would allow you to run your ads for a longer period of time as well as increase your net profit.

The basic rule is that the higher quality score your ad has, the lower you have to pay for it.

There are three major factors that determine your ad quality score:

  • Ad relevance (Keywords and ad copy) — Make sure that you are picking the best possible keywords for your ads. The keywords must be relevant to your target audience as well as your product or service. The same concept applies to your ad copy. The copy of your ad not only gets you clicks, but it also convinces potential prospects to take the action you want them to. If your ad is relevant to your products/services and the user’s search query, it is more likely to have a better ad quality score.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) — The expected clickthrough-rate or CTR is another factor that directly affects the ad quality score. Once you improve ad relevance and make your ads more relevant, powerful, and enticing, the expected CTR starts improving.
  • Landing page experience — The landing page experience is one of the most important components of search engine marketing campaigns. What do users find when they reach the landing page? Does the landing page have the same keywords the user searched for? Does it have the same keywords that you used in your ad copy? How is the overall experience? It all counts and affects your ad quality score.


2. Try Using Brand Keywords

If you have a strong brand presence and brand awareness, it might be a good to start testing your ad copy with brand keywords.

Using your brand’s name in the first headline may increase the number of clicks and conversions you get.

Similarly, if you are an e-commerce store, selling other well-branded products, you can also test using those brand names. Just make sure to check your local copyright laws and Google AdWords policies (in your country) about it.


3. Time-Based Bids

When do you get the most conversions? If you have been running Google Ads for some time, you will be able to dig into the data and find the most profitable time of the day for your business.

Once you find that information, use time-based bids to increase or decrease your bids during the most profitable hours for your business.


4. Find Out More About Important Keywords

What are the keywords that online shoppers are using?

If you can learn about those keywords, you will be in a better position to get in front of your customers at the lowest possible cost.

Use Google Trends to identify seasonal keywords. Moreover, you can also use Google Trends to forecast the rise and fall of certain keywords.

Other than that, use the eBay Pulse tool to find the exact language that online shoppers are using.


5. Use Negative Keywords

If you are not using negative keywords, you must be losing a ton of money.

With negative keywords, you inform Google of the keywords you don’t want your ads to appear.

For instance, if you don’t have Nike shoes, you need to put that into the negative keyword list. Otherwise, you will continue getting impressions and clicks to your ads without any sales to show for it.

Apart from mentioning products that you do not have, you can also add common keywords like ‘free’ and ‘cheap’ to your negative keywords list.


5 Google Adwords Tips Conclusion

Google AdWords can be tricky to understand, but with the right set of techniques, you can make your ads profitable.

Use the five techniques mentioned above to kickstart your next profitable search engine marketing PPC campaign. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to us.