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4 Tips on Having the Best First Impression on Website Visitors

June 21, 2016 0 comments

Your first impression could be your last impression.

In this competitive online world, you want to create the best possible impact on first-time visitors to your website. If that impression is a good one, chances are that they will remember your website, visit it again, subscribe to your email list, and maybe buy your products or services.

However, if the impression is not a good one, you may not see that visitor again. The attention span of an average online user is shrinking. It is now only 8 seconds. The attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds!

So the idea is to create the best impression and psychological impact on first time website visitors.

And here are 4 tips to do just that.


1. Free “Lead Magnets”

Almost every big blog does it now, and you should be also considering it too.

Offer free lead magnets to your website visitors in exchange of their email information. This little technique has multiple benefits:

  • First of all, offering “lead magnets” helps you increase the conversion rate you get for your email subscription list. Without a free lead magnet, you may not get as many email subscribers as you would have with it.
  • Secondly, offering free lead magnets make you look more credible and professional. More importantly, it leaves a good first impression on first time website visitors that you actually care about your blog readers and, therefore, offering something exclusive and valuable.

Here’s an example from Derek Halpern’s blog Social Triggers.


2. Have an Excellent, Content-Centric Website Design

94% of the first impressions online are design related.

Make sure that your website design is good enough to leave an excellent first impression.

One important thing to remember here is that a lot of website traffic will be coming via mobile devices. So it is crucial that you have your website design fully optimised for tablets and smartphones.


3. Recommendations & Reviews

Why would anybody trust you and your website if they have never heard about you before?


If you put good recommendations, feedback, and positive testimonials about yourself, they are going to trust you more. In fact, they will instantly leave with a better and more positive impression.

But what if they don’t know any of the people that you have feedbacks from?

It does not really matter. Because 92% people trust recommendations from individuals, even if they do not know them at all.

Having good social proofs can give you a very competitive edge over other similar blogs and businesses. Such social proof not only improves your first impression but also sends your conversion rates through the roof.

Here is an excellent example of good social proof.



4. Use the Same Language as Your Target Audience

It takes some time and a lot of research, but you can actually talk in the same language as your target audience does. And that can make all the difference in the world for you.

By using the same language as your target audience, you can instantly grab their attention.

While it is okay to be creative, think out of the box, and use creative copy, it is significantly more important to use words and language that your target audience actually uses.

So when they land on your website, they instantly get hooked and leave with a good impression.


Final Words

It is a highly competitive online marketing world now. And if you are not making it your first priority to hook your first-time website visitors right away, you might be losing a lot of money and opportunities.

Use these 4 tips mentioned in this post to have the best first impression on website visitors by using your content and design strategically.