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3 Important Link-Building Tips Most Businesses and Bloggers Don’t Pay Much Attention To

June 10, 2015 0 comments

Link-building is important. Most bloggers and businesses already know it by now. After all, it’s the 3rd most important search engine ranking factor.

But it’s the process of building backlinks that is hard, tiresome, and very frustrating. This is what turns off most bloggers, SEOs, and online businessmen.

The issue is that, like most other technical things, the process of link-building is a systematic one ― though not many of us approach it that way. But if we do think of it as a systematic process ― with prerequisites, necessary steps, and tips & tricks ― it all seems to look really simple and straightforward.

So in this post, I’m going to share 3 important link-building tips most businesses and bloggers don’t pay much attention to. Consider these tips and important points as kind of prerequisites of the link-building process.

Here they are:

1. Build Relationships With the Right People

This is a really important point.

You see, guest posting on other, well-established blogs is one of the most potent and effective ways to generate high-quality backlinks.

And while it sounds simple enough, it definitely isn’t. This is because there are a limited number of authoritative websites in every niche, and every new blogger and online business tries to get their blog posts published on those websites. You can guess how competitive it can become!

So, in a nutshell, there are basically two ways to get your posts published:

  • 1. Write a post which is so awesome that the editor just can’t do without it. And hope that he/she stumbles upon it, instantly loves it, and publishes it on their blog … OR
  • 2. Build a relationship with the editor that you are no longer just another stranger. Then once you slip in your new, awesome post, the editor at least reads it and ― kind of ― favors it over other posts.

Twitter is a great way to get in touch with the right people, editors, and other influencers within your niche.

If you really want to build backlinks, start building relationships with the right people before you write and pitch posts on other blogs.


2. Focus on the Relevance

Relevancy is the new PR.

The quality and quantity of backlinks are still important factors ― and so are the Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) ― but the relevancy of the link is a really important factor.

Sadly, most of the bloggers and online businessmen still don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Fortunately for you, you can.

The key is to make sure that the links you generate should come from a relevant website within your niche. If the website is completely irrelevant, the backlink won’t have much value. Such backlinks may even get you penalised.

Relevant backlinks have more value and weight, so even 10 high-quality backlinks can do the trick for you. You don’t have to chase 50 backlinks to get a high search engine position. Just focus on getting the right ones!


3. Use BuzzSumo to Find Socially Proven Content

BuzzSumo is a great little tool that helps you find proven contents with their social proofs and virality.

You see, backlinks are directly or indirectly dependent on how much other people like your specific piece of content. If they do like it, they share it across the web through various social media websites, and link to it.

So, in a way, there is some correlation with backlinks and social media shares. This is why BuzzSumo is just the perfect tool for you!

Here is how it works.

You enter a general keyword about your niche, and it shows you the best performing and socially viral blog posts containing those keywords.

BuzzSumo Screenshot

There are 2 things you can take away from BuzzSumo’s analysis:

  • 1. A proven headline model that has already worked with your target audience.
  • 2. A specific topic, which already has demand. If, in some way, you can improve on the most popular post, you can generate some serious amount of backlinks.


Final Words

It’s important to aim before you fire. The tips that are mentioned above in this post will help you target your efforts in the right direction.

Building high-quality backlinks may be a tough task, but if you do it right it can be easy. Good luck.