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Improve My Search Ranking’s beginnings and core service

August 25, 2012 0 comments

Hello from everyone at Improve My Search Ranking!
My name is Josh and I will be hosting the blog on Every week an article related to the digital marketing space will be posted here with a special emphasis on SEO and Social Media marketing. But before we get into the details of how to market online (we’ll save that for next week!) first I would like to briefly introduce how the company came about and the main service we offer.

Improve My Search Ranking was formed by a number of individual SEO experts whom had grown tired of ripping off clients and making money for their respective agencies. They knew the could create more value for customers at a lower price by working together and cutting out unnecessary overhead costs (namely their bosses). Through countless years of experience in the field and a large number of SEO contacts Improve My Search Ranking was formed with the goal of providing and teaching world-class SEO to the masses.
Improve My Search Ranking provides a number of different SEO packages to suit the needs of almost every business. With exception to the cheapest service we provide each of the other packages give clients 24/7 access to the performance of their keywords and SEO campaign. All SEO campaigns get a dedicated account manager.
A summary of the main steps our SEO process takes written below;
1. Bespoke audit of your website – this helps us understand your individual needs and points out why your site is ranking poorly at the moment. We research into your business’ field and work with you to understand the best way forward. Many other SEO companies provide you with a faceless, unspecified report of your website that doesn’t explain where you are going wrong or what to do to put it right.
2. Planning and implementation –  We then look at which keywords you should be targeting – they must be relevant, achievable and profitable. Your website will then be tailored according to those keywords, editing title tags, URL structure, alt tags, etc where necessary. Your websites ‘architecture’ and On-page SEO will then be fully optimised.
Next, and most importantly, quality links that point towards your site will be built– preferably from sites that encourage search engines to view your website as an important authority in your particular industry. This will be achieved through a variety of means including, social bookmarking, blog and forum postings, relevant one way links from authoritative sites, etc.
3. Relax  And that is the final step! Leave everything to us as we implement your SEO campaign, reporting back with in-depth reports every month. What more could you ask for?
By  @ImproveMySearch