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How to Conquer Facebook Content Marketing

March 10, 2016 0 comments

There are so many social media websites at the moment — more than I care to remember.

But, despite what happens, Facebook remains one of the giants.

Whenever we think of social media marketing, Facebook is always one of the first names that pops up in our head — and for all the good reasons, too. Its massive size is perhaps the most reasons why Facebook is so important for every internet marketer and blogger.

For so many bloggers, Facebook has been one of the biggest traffic sources. On the other hand, so many content marketers and bloggers fail to get anything substantial out of it.

In this post, I’m going to discuss several proven and data-backed tips on how to conquer Facebook marketing and drive loads of traffic to your website.


1. The Best Time to Post on Facebook

As a content marketer, you would know the importance of engagement on Facebook posts.

After all, it is the engagement level of your Facebook posts that determine your organic reach — which eventually translates into more views, likes, shares, and comments.

So, as a content marketer or blogger who is trying to leverage Facebook, engagement is one of the most important factors for you. You need to increase it by any means necessary.

Now, the problem is that the high level of competition comes in your way. The Facebook newsfeed only has so much space. It can’t display all the posts by all the people. There is simply too much content.

So, the idea is to publish your posts when the engagement level is the highest. Fortunately, this is not the time when all the other Facebook marketers post their contents.

See the following chart.

The Best Time To Post on Facebook

As you can see, people are wrongly posting their contents at a time when the engagement level at its lowest. Now that you have the correct information, you can publish your next Facebook at the perfect time and get all the attention and engagement there is.

2. The Right Type of Post

Facebook users treat each type of posts differently.

Unsurprisingly, some types of posts work better than the other. So, if you really want to conquer Facebook marketing and beat your competitors, you should focus on the type of content that the Facebook audience appreciates the most.

BuzzSumo analysed more than 1 billion Facebook posts and came up with the following results.

Interactions on Posts by Post Type

3. Images! They Love Images

Facebook is as much a visual platform as any other popular social media website. And, more importantly, Facebook users love images.

Content with images receive a lot more social media shares — and overall interaction — than posts without images.

Facebook photos generate higher engagement than the average post

4. The Ideal Length of Content

Although it does not look very likely, but the overall length of the content you post on Facebook has a huge impact on its overall engagement level.

There is a huge connection between the performance of a Facebook post and the length of the post it is linked to.

See for yourself.

The Best Length of Article to Share on Facebook

5. The Right Kind of Videos

Facebook is an important platform for sharing video contents.

So many brands and online businesses rely on videos to communicate their messages, drive new traffic, and generate new leads.

However, the problem is that not many do it the right way.

Videos are harder to create than text-based posts or graphical images. If you are spending so much time, efforts, and resources on creating videos for your business, you also should know the best way to get the highest possible engagement for them.

For instance, look at the following chart.


The Best Type of Video to Post on Facebook

It shows that if you upload your videos on YouTube and share it with your Facebook community, it will not perform well. It’s surprising, but it is what it is.

Instead, your goal should be to directly embed videos, and the interaction rate will jump up to 10x.


The Bottom Line

With so many researches and studies coming in, Facebook marketing isn’t that much of a guesswork now. It’s all science, and you just need to have the right kind of information to conquer Facebook marketing.

These tips have now given you all the information the need.

It’s time to win on Facebook once and for all.