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Google recommends best practices regarding Black Friday pages

November 12, 2020 0 comments

It is almost time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and these events bring hundreds of thousands of deals and discounts — new and old — all around the world.

It is also an exciting time for content creators and business owners to rack up more sales.

And while the focus during this timeframe is usually on paid ads, conversions, and revenue, you should not forget about SEO.

To make sure you don’t, Google has shared some best practices on how to make the best use of these Black Friday landing pages.

Here are some of the important recommendations:

1. Use recurring URLs

The most important point that Google wants you to remember is that you should use recurring URLs when creating landing pages for Black Friday discounts and deals.

In other words, you should not create a new Black Friday promotion page every year. Instead, you should use the Black Friday page from last year.

But that means you need to pick the right URL, i.e., instead of or

If you do not have a landing page like that, don’t worry. You can create a new one now and then use it in 2021 and beyond. Come up with a URL that can be rehashed every year.

The reason for this advice is that recurring URLs allow pages to build link equity and leverage it. The longer a web page exists on the internet, the more potential it has to acquire higher link equity — which results in better rankings in the SERPs.

2. Publish early

Google also recommends creating the Black Friday page earlier — instead of waiting until the last moment. 

Publishing early gives Googlebot enough time to discover the page and index it in the SERPs.

3. Internal links

To give your page an instant boost in the SERPs and increase its potential to be found and indexed quickly by search engine crawlers, build internal links from existing pages on your site.

4. Images

Add at least one high-quality static image to your landing page.

5. Recrawling

Last but not least, whenever you update your Black Friday page, resubmit it to Google and ask the search engine to recrawl it.

This will help Google recognize the updated content quickly and will likely help with search engine rankings.