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Google adds two new features in Google Search Console

July 1, 2019 0 comments

Google Search Console is one of the essential tools for webmasters and SEO professionals. It already has plenty of features, such as sitemaps, integration with Google Analytics, search analytics report, website security issues, etc. Now, to add to this, Google has announced two new features for Google Search Console.

With the help of these two new features, users will be able to:

  • Search within markup to find a specific piece of code, and
  • Copy that code and tweak it easily

These features would work within many of the tools, including Rich Results, the URL Inspection tool, and the AMP test, and would facilitate the correct implementation of code and structured data markup.

Google announced these features in a Tweet.

What’s the practical application of these features?

Webmasters will now find it easier to find the exact piece of code that contains the error using the new search ability within markup. Once found, it can be easily copied, tweaked, pasted back in, and re-tested.

The ability to quickly find the code and fix it will make the whole process faster and more convenient. Debugging issues is expected to be a breeze now. Earlier, manually finding issues within the markup and then testing the changes to pass validation by Google used to take a lot of time. With these new features, that will no longer be the case.

The following images show a closer look at the copy button and its functionality.


Google Search Console Blog 1


Google Search Console Blog 2



It may seem like a small feature, but during debugging, this can be a big deal. And so far, the response to this new feature has been great.

Here is what people have been tweeting to Google in response.

Search Console Tweets


What do you think of this new feature? How much of a time-saver would it turn out to be for you? And what other features are you hoping to roll out next?

Let us know.