Best practices for including keywords on your web page

September 23, 2020 by Naim

Content marketers and SEO professionals know the importance of keywords. After all, it is the keywords that people use whenever they have to find something on the internet.

Therefore, including high-volume and relevant keywords on a web page is a no-brainer.

But how do you do that without making your content appear unnatural? What are some of the best practices for including keywords on a web page? (more…)

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John Mueller clarifies the role of keywords in domain name and URLs

by Samwise Diamond

What advantages does a domain have if the domain name has an important keyword in it?


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Samwise Diamond

Google search algorithm may consider negative reviews, John Mueller explains..

August 11, 2020 by Ryan

Does a large amount of negative reviews affect the search engine rankings of a website?

Apparently, yes.

Google’s John Mueller recently explained that the Google search engine algorithm might pick up if a website has a lot of negative reviews.


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