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12 Killer Content Writing Tips to Increase Traffic

October 3, 2014 0 comments

Content is king!

It always was. And it will always be the most important part of any online business.

If your content isn’t good enough, you will not get the traffic, social media shares, comments or backlinks that you might be expecting.

So how do you make sure your content doesn’t suck?

Here are 12 content writing tips that will give your website an instant boost in terms of quality. Make sure you constantly apply these tricks and all your future blog posts and articles are in accordance with these tips.

1. Connect With Your Readers

If your readers can’t connect with your content, why would they read it?

Your blog post or article must look like a 1-on-1 conversation. There are plenty of blogs out there within your niche. So most of the times, users come back to a particular blog because they feel connected.

Use the words “you” and “I” within your posts. It is a very simple tip, but it makes your readers think that it is a conversation between them and the blogger. They feel connected.


2. Invest Plenty of Time in Headlines

Headlines are still the most important part of a content.

According to research, 80% of potential readers will only read the headline. It must be powerful enough to make those readers read your entire post.

Here are a few important ingredients of an excellent headline:

  • Curiosity
  • Benefit
  • Promise
  • Clarity of Target Audience
  • Specificity


3. Start with a Bang!

Once you lure your readers in with the headline, the next part is to maintain that level of curiosity and excitement, while you keep delivering important information.

The intro of your post, therefore, has to be exceptional!

Here are a few tips to make your intro awesome:

  • Start with a relevant story
  • Start with jaw-dropping statistics
  • Use shorter words and sentences
  • State a clear benefit for reading your post.


4. Back Up Your Points with Researches and Data

It mostly depends on the type of audience you have. But it is always a great idea to back up your points with researches and data. It adds great credibility and authority to your content.

For example, people love to share quizzes. In fact, according to a recent study, 80% of the most shared articles on the web are quizzes. (Another content writing tip for you?)


5. Don’t Forget SEO

Search Engine Optimisation has a huge role in the online world in generating traffic and sales. Moreover, search engines, like Google, are constantly upgrading their ranking algorithms. So, by all means, SEO is here to stay.

Therefore, when you write content, don’t forget SEO. Pay attention to which keywords are performing and how you are going to naturally include them in your blog posts.

If you are not too sure how to do that, check out this wonderful product we recently come across. Rocket Ranking can help you optimise each of your web pages for the best ranking positions and helps you target the most profitable keywords.


6. Make it Actionable

There are no doubts about it. Actionable posts work significantly better than the rest.

Does your content have clear step-by-step instructions for your readers?

This is one of the biggest reasons why how-to posts and guides perform so well.


7. Focus on Specific Topics

Specificity is a bliss.

Select a sub-topic and go a mile deep. Share in-depth information on a very specific topic and people will love it.

For example, instead of writing about “5 Tips on Starting a Business”, write “How I Increased my Email Subscribers by 137% in 3 Days”


8. Avoid Fluff

Online readers don’t have a lot of time. So make sure you avoid all the fluff and filler content.

Get to the point very quickly, and be very specific on what the readers will get after reading your post.


9. Format Your Content

Who would want to read a wall of text?

Format your content by adding headlines, sub-headings, bullet-points, lists, call-out boxes, quotes, images and videos.

Make it interesting.


10. Showcase Your Personality

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of blog posts within your niche. And they offer pretty much the same advice.

So why do you think your readers want to come to you?

Because they are not only interested in your content. They are also interested in you.

So showcase your personality in your content. Everybody is unique and if your content reflects your personality, it can stand out from the rest.


11. Tell Stories

Can you tell relevant stories to your audience?

If yes, you can be an excellent content writer.

People love them. They find it easier to connect with stories. Just make sure those stories are relevant, have emotional values, and offer a great lesson.

For an example, see how Jon Morrow does it.


12. Break a Few Rules

In the online content writing world, it is actually a good idea to break a few English language rules.

Feel free to start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction, i.e. and, or, but.

Similarly, you can even make a one-word sentence. It makes your content easy to read and easier to digest.

So don’t hesitate in breaking a few rules.