Google tells how long it may take to re-rank a website

April 12, 2021 by Luke Harniman

You find issues with your website. You make the necessary changes, update the website, and wait for Google to improve your website’s search rankings.

And sometimes you wait for months, but nothing happens.

Does this sound familiar?

It can be frustrating because we do not know how long it takes Google to evaluate the changes we make and then re-rank the website.


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Luke Harniman

How to create more personalised content for your website visitors

March 30, 2021 by Luke Harniman

Content is king. 

But not every piece of online content will capture your website visitors’ attention. 

Engaging and relevant content plays a crucial role in improving brand credibility, user engagement rate, sales funnel, and online revenue. However, it is also one of the more challenging aspects to get right.

Creating more personalized content for your website visitors can significantly help when it comes to achieving higher engagement and conversion rates.

In this blog post, we share a few tips on how to create more personalized content for website visitors.


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Luke Harniman

Two new changes to the Google Search Console rich results report

March 23, 2021 by Luke Harniman

Google has updated the Google Search Console rich results report. The two changes are related to:

  • The job posting report, and
  • The FAQ and Q&A rich results report


Changes to the FAQ and Q&A report were made earlier this month, on March 2, 2021. However, changes to the job posting report are more recent; they were made on March 11, 2021.

Let’s see what the two changes are and how these changes may impact webmasters as well as SEO professionals managing other websites.


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Luke Harniman

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