Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the 301-redirect link-building technique doesn’t work

March 29, 2019 by Naim

You may or may not know about it, but the 301-redirect link-building technique is a popular black-hat SEO tactic to push a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages.

Many SEOs have been using this technique with varied results. But now John Mueller has recently confirmed in a Reddit thread that this technique does not work. Moreover, in the long-term, it is very likely to have a negative impact on your site’s health and rankings in the SERPs. (more…)

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5 keyword research tips for advertisers and SEOs

March 26, 2019 by Naim

Although Google seems a pretty straightforward tool — you enter a bunch of keywords, and relevant results appear on the screen — it is much more complicated than that.

Over 200 search engine ranking factors play their part in determining what results the user gets. Moreover, the ever-changing online marketing world is also evolving the way Google works.

Keywords now value less than the searcher’s intent and implicit signals are also playing key roles.

To help you with your search marketing efforts (as well as SEO), we have compiled a few keyword research tips. Here they are: (more…)

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Google Ads to provide more assistance in case of ad disapprovals

March 22, 2019 by Ryan

“Your ad has been disapproved”. It does not feel good to see that message, right?

But, as with everything else, it does happen sometimes, and it appears that you can’t do much to prevent it. However, Google is now introducing a better solution that would provide more assistance to marketers in case of ad disapprovals.

Here are some of the changes that Google will roll out in April for advertisers. (more…)

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