Google has compiled a list of FAQs about AMP

December 6, 2018 by Naim

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages has been a major talking point in the last few years. It took the internet by storm when it was first introduced. After a couple of years, however, some questions about the technology still remain.

Google has recently compiled a list of most common questions about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Here is a summarized version of some of the most important questions about AMP pages and indexing that Google answered. (more…)

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Tips For Converting Free Plan Users Into Paying Customers

November 22, 2018 by Ryan

Most businesses now offer some sort of a free trial plan to users in order to generate more leads. There is so much competition online that without a free trial, it is hard to attract potential customers and convince them that you have got the right product.

However, offering a free trial can also sometimes backfire. While you may generate many leads by offering a free plan, you may not be able to convert a lot of them into paying customers.

In the end, paying customers and the revenue you generate from is all that matters.


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Users Can Now Send Messages to Businesses via Google Maps

November 19, 2018 by Naim

Last year, Google made it possible for users to send messages to businesses via Google My Business profiles.

Google has now rolled out the same messaging capabilities to Google Maps.

This means that users can now send messages to businesses directly via Google Maps.

Google Maps is a very popular app, and since it can now be used to initiate messages, we expect a significant number of increase in total messages that businesses receive on a daily basis. (more…)

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