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Hello! We’re Improve My Search Ranking.com, an SEO company serving Canterbury, and we are here to make your business goals a reality.

Are you a local business owner seeking to increase the exposure of your brand online? Are you an independent entrepreneur who needs help in attracting more clients? Or, are you a blogger who wants a larger viewership? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above (or maybe all of them), you’ve come to the right place.

Conquering the Virtual Landscape

In the digital age, online visibility has a huge impact on a business’s success. There are more than 4 billion recorded active internet users across the globe, all of whom you can reach by just strengthening your presence in the virtual landscape.

The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are going to gain leads from anywhere in the world. You can take advantage of the endless opportunities the Internet has for your business through search engine optimisation (SEO) and with the help of an SEO agency.

Get What You Want, When You Need It

Not every SEO expert will have what it takes to give you maximum results. It is very important to work with an SEO company that truly understands how every off-page and on-page strategy can impact your website’s ranks on search engines. An excellent SEO agency is equipped with both the knowledge and skills that can bring you long-term business success.

At Improve My Search Ranking.com, we specialize in the improvement of a website’s exposure through the most prominent search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. With our unique skill set we are able to get your business’s website in front of more potential new customers and also help convert those visitors into sales. We take the time to understand your business goals and make sure our strategies align with your needs.

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Improve My Search Ranking.com is a team of dedicated and experienced SEO experts who have turned websites into profit machines. Start your journey to success and get in touch with us today.


Do you need help from an SEO Agency in Canterbury?

Improve My Search Ranking.com is a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the art of Search Engine Optimisation. Our unique, tried and tested SEO strategy is proven to improve search engine rankings 100% of the time.

How We Do It

For us, business is all about honesty and nurturing relationships. We develop strong partnerships by performing above and beyond your expectations. Our team strives for flawless work and outstanding results at all times.

This is what makes us different:

We listen

It is our duty to know everything about you and your business. We take the time to understand your needs, processes and goals. From here, we create a bespoke plan that highlights your strengths and maximises opportunities, making sure we deliver services that suit your business best.

We strategise

Planning and preparation are at the heart of all our campaigns. We do research on your niche and figure out how we can bring your business more traffic and profit through conversions and better online visibility.

We execute

We work – real hard – with every campaign that lands in our hands. We have designated people in the team to handle every step of the SEO process to ensure effective execution using our best practices.

We measure

We have a team that closely monitors the growth of your SEO campaign. Our team will schedule an alignment meeting with you to discuss your progress, highlight milestones and go over areas that still need improvement. On our report, you will also see your revenue statistics and whether or not you’re on the way to meeting your goals.

Through these strategies, we help you achieve increased search engine visibility and enhanced brand awareness.

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The Improve My Search Ranking.com headquarters is in Bromley, Kent, but our team of SEO specialists are available to meet you in Canterbury at a time and day that suits you. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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