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Find out how we increased PR Solar Window Film's search visibility in Google by 1,838% in less than 1 year resulting in an 356.00% increase in enquiries...


"My old website was going downhill so I signed up with Improve My Search Ranking and six months later we are on every page at the top - I thoroughly recommend this company to anyone who is thinking about improving their SEO - Josh has been fantastic." - Paul, Founder of PR Solar Window Films.

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The Problem

PR Solar Window Film Ltd, are experts in window film installation for homes and businesses. They work throughout the UK, installing window films that reduce glare, give you more privacy and offer you additional insulation.

Back in 2018, their SEO was thriving and they was receiving lots of business. However, all of a sudden their rankings dramatically dropped and business started to dry up.

The team here at Improve My Search Ranking devised a plan to recover PR Solar's rankings and increase their online presence. Through a number of different strategies including off-page SEO and on-page technical SEO, we're glad to say that within 6 months PR Solar are back on top!

The Results

  • 356.00% increase in enquiries per month.
  • 90 new enquiries per month
  • 1,838% increase in total search visibility.
  • 314 + keywords ranking on page 1.
  • 82.23% increase in traffic.

seo real estate services

The Strategy

seo real estate services

The first step in starting our SEO campaign was to learn about the business. We studied the business's core services, identified and analysed the competitors and researched into the real estate industry as a whole.

Keyword Research

Arguably the most important aspect, we begun our SEO campaign by researching thoroughly into various different types of keywords to target. We used a number of different tools to explore short term and long term keyword opportunities which would allow us increase the total search visibility across the board.

Whilst looking at the 'window film' based keywords, we considered: the monthly search volume, the current ranking position, the competitiveness of the keyword and more.

Once the keywords were established, we used our specialist tracking software to monitor our progression.

Technical Optimisations

After the best keywords had been selected, we focused our attention on optimising the website's technical aspects. Firstly, we carried out a full on-site technical audit and created a report which mentioned various on-site issues which could be negatively affecting the client's SEO.

Our technical team then went ahead and fixed the issues that had been found. This included either removing the issues completely or updating areas with the latest SEO best practices to help build a well optimised foundation which we continually developed as the campaign matured.

Off Page SEO

Once we had finished making the technical changes, we switched our sights onto a high quality link acquisition strategy for the website. This consisted of us acquiring high quality backlinks through editorial content placements, a number of press releases and building a high number of citation sources. This helped the website improve its Domain Authority which increased the site's potential to rank in Google.

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Keyword Ranking Results

After 6 months of strategic work, here's a glance at some of our current keyword rankings:

Current Rank
Commercial Solar Window Films
Solar Window Film Installation London
Conservatory Window Films
Energy Saving Window Films
Skylight Window Films
Solar Window Films for Conservatory Roof
UV Window Films in London
Alternative to Net Curtains

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