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"Our campaign, aimed to enhance their SEO revenue and elevate their local keyword performance across the UK. Our “Local SEO Profits” campaign’s ambitious targets included a 6-figure SEO revenue increase and a 300% keyword performance improvement."

Learn How We Helped This Training Business Generate An Additional £400k in Sales From SEO

The Problem

The website's technical SEO was severely lacking across fundamental areas such as keyword strategy, content optimization, and crucial on-page elements like title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, image file names, and alt texts. None of these critical components had been given proper attention or optimization efforts.

Despite these deficiencies, the website possessed a commendable 'Domain Authority,' largely attributed to its extensive tenure in the industry and the exceptional reputation it had garnered in the physical business realm.

The Results

£400k increase in revenue

National Expansion

By actively promoting in 100 key cities across the UK.

The Solution

The undertaken project involved a comprehensive overhaul of the website, focusing on enhancing visibility and user experience. A primary aspect encompassed the meticulous creation and refinement of distinct pages to bolster online presence. A total of 171 location pages underwent a rigorous optimization process, aimed at fine-tuning content and ensuring maximum visibility within search engine results. In parallel, emphasis was placed on elevating the core offerings through the optimization of 15 key product pages, each meticulously crafted to resonate with the target audience.

Additionally, the initiative extended to the development and optimization of 55 ‘niche sector’ pages, tailored to cater to specific market segments. An integral facet of this project involved commencing optimisation efforts for foreign language pages, recognizing the importance of a global reach in the digital sphere.

The optimisation strategy was multi-faceted, addressing various elements crucial for enhanced visibility. This included a comprehensive approach encompassing metadata refinement, content audits, and the strategic production of new content. Attention to detail extended to elements like H tags, image file optimization, alt text, schema, and adept internal linking practices, all aimed at elevating the site’s visibility and relevance within search engine algorithms.

Furthermore, a robust off-site strategy was implemented to fortify the site’s authority and credibility. This involved a consistent acquisition of over 200 backlinks per month from diverse sources. These included citations, strategically positioned press releases, and blog posts sourced from nationally recognized press entities, as well as local and smaller publications.

Continual enhancements were made to the website’s design, aligning with the dual objectives of improving both SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This involved iterative testing of elements such as titles, descriptions, increased Call-to-Actions (CTAs), introduction of new content sections, and the incorporation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to bolster user engagement and understanding.

Overall, the initiative represented a comprehensive overhaul strategy, touching upon various facets of online presence and functionality. Through a holistic approach encompassing content refinement, technical optimization, off-site credibility-building endeavors, and strategic design enhancements, the project aimed at fortifying the site’s relevance, visibility, and user engagement in a competitive digital landscape.