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Learn How We Achieved an ROI of 1,100% for Pure Window Cleaning

The Problem

Improve My Search Ranking, a leading SEO agency in London, recently joined forces with Pure Window Cleaning in a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their organic traffic, generating more leads, and boosting organic revenue. However, we encountered several significant challenges at the outset:

1. The existing website lacked optimal lead generation and SEO capabilities, necessitating the creation of a brand-new website from scratch.

2. Developing over 50 location-specific pages to effectively target relevant keywords demanded extensive effort to expedite their creation and indexing.

3. Initially, the website only yielded 2 organic enquiries per month. To address this, we ambitiously aimed for a 2,500% increase, setting a goal of achieving 50 organic enquiries monthly.

So, how did we fare?

Remarkably, we surpassed each set goal by a substantial margin.
Pure Window Cleaning now boasts an average of 138 enquiries per month, demonstrating the remarkable success of our collaborative efforts.

The Results


enquiries every month


keywords on Page 1 of Google


increase in monthly organic users


increase in search visibility score

How Did We Do It?

Our success is rooted in the depth of experience and finely-tuned strategies our team has cultivated over the years. Having successfully elevated the SEO profiles of numerous UK cleaning companies, we’ve gained a profound understanding of the industry, encompassing its unique challenges and abundant opportunities.

This extensive insight allowed us to swiftly identify the precise obstacles hindering Pure Window Cleaning’s progress and discern the untapped prospects for their growth.

Implementing a comprehensive strategy, our primary focus was rectifying the key impediments that stymied their expansion and potential. This involved an overhaul of their website, refining internal linking structures, pinpointing new pages for development, optimising for higher conversion rates, and instituting a new ‘get a quote’ system tailored for lead generation.

Simultaneously, we proactively pursued growth opportunities. This encompassed discovering and targeting new keywords for ranking, crafting additional location-specific pages to capture a significant share of organic traffic, enhancing technical SEO, and substantially amplifying their Google reviews. Consequently, Pure Window Cleaning now dominates the first page of Google search results for over 100 tracked keywords. Prior to our involvement, they were visible for a mere 2 keywords on the first page.

This heightened visibility drives hundreds of relevant visitors to their website, especially to the 50+ location-specific pages we meticulously developed. Furthermore, with the website now optimized for lead generation, we effectively convert a substantial portion of this traffic into qualified leads and ultimately, paying customers