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Our Link Clean Up Process has an 85% success rate on penalty removal. We use the latest tools alongside manual link removal to regain and protect rankings.

Have you been hit with a Google Penalty or do you feel the wrath of one looming?

Gone are the days when shady ‘black hat’ link building SEO techniques helped boost your Google Ranking Positions. Using such techniques today will result in your website being hit with a penalty.

This could result in your website dropping 100s of positions or even be removed from Google’s search index completely, resulting in catastrophic business consequences.

With our help you can be sure to receive the best Google Penalty Service around.

Why You Need an Expert Hand

Link cleanup is a tedious and time-consuming task; if you do not do it, however, it is also risky. Instead of worrying about penalties and not serving your customers, let the experts do the job.

Improve My Search Ranking takes the time to do link cleanup right. Each backlink will go through a series of audits, which determines their health and levels of risk. Once we detect bad links, we clean them up before Google can penalise you. By leaving the job to us, you get more time to serve your clients. Trust our team of in-house experts to use only the best tools and separate the good links from the bad ones.

Like every product we offer, our link cleanup services are completely white labelled. No need to worry about bad SEO tricks. We use reliable techniques to scale your growing business..

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Link Clean Up

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The code on your website will be closely analysed and examined to make sure it is adherent with Google's Quality guidelines. Malware and virus checks will be implemented to make sure nothing untoward has been placed on your website without your knowledge.

Finally, the content of each of your webpages will be checked for violations and duplicate content.

Backlinks will be downloaded from Google Webmaster Tools. Links will be classified, and those found to be toxic will be removed.

Remaining backlinks will be qualified in terms of their quality: this includes looking at Anchor Text percentages, Domain and Page Authority, Trust and Citation Flow metrics.

Historical links will be analysed and assessed. Access to previous SEO reports would be useful. History of domain and legacy domains will also be assessed.

Low quality links will be removed.

Disavow file and submission will be submitted and reviewed by Google. A report will be created including all the work that has been completed. Results will be assessed over the coming weeks and months.

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