Our SEO Process In A Nutshell

June 19, 2013 by Josh Hamit

The rules of search are always evolving

The rules of search are always evolving, and as recently as last month Google rolled out fresh changes to its search algorithm with its ‘Exact Match Domain’ (EMD) update.  Although there are hundreds of factors that help search engines decide how to rank a page, a successful organic search depends primarily on two key variables – the choice of keywords and how they are placed, and the number of high quality, authoritative, relevant inbound links a website has.

We work closely with clients to determine lists of appropriate keywords for each page. We use the Google keyword generation tools, along with Hubspot and Moz to identify keywords that your competitors may be employing successfully. The latest research shows that most searches are conducted using short three or four word phrases, so we tend to concentrate on such combinations. Typically we will suggest one primary keyword group and a number of secondary keywords.

Building best practice SEO principles into a website is arguably the most important facet of a website build. Having a website that ranks highly for the keywords potential customers are searching for will give a website a huge advantage over its competitors. A brief overview of our SEO process is highlighted below. (more…)

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Beginners On-Page SEO Guide

June 10, 2013 by Josh Hamit

There are several on-page SEO factors that effect how Google ranks your website.

Without a solid foundation of on-page SEO best practices you will find it extremely difficult to rank well for your target keywords.

In fact, effective on-page SEO remains, and always will be, a prerequisite for great SEO performance.

Therefore, as a bare minimum make sure you are abiding by the 6 points put forward in this blog post. This post highlights on-page SEO factors you must pay attention to and gives you practical tips on how to optimise each of them.

1. Content

The first thing to consider when looking to optimise a website for search is making sure the content of a page is worthy of a top search result position. You should ask yourself three questions before submitting a new piece of content on your website.

  • Does this content supply a demand?
  • Would I recommend this content to a friend or peer?
  • Is this page worthy of a link?

Bare in mind the mantra “content is king” every time you produce or update a page on your website. Taking the time to consider these questions before creating content will result in your website becoming remarkable, more valuable and more likely to earn links from other websites. (more…)

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Josh Hamit

SEO Case Study: Oakleigh Manor

by Josh Hamit

Garden Design SEO Case Study

Oakleigh Manor is an award winning landscape design and build practice based in Kent. They offer a range of services including garden design, irrigation systems and oak framed garages.

We started working with Oakleigh Manor towards the end of November 2012 and we were tasked with the development of a totally new website and the challenge of getting their website listed on the first page of Google for all 12 of their key services.

The benefits of having the website listed on page 1 of Google include;

  • Increased targeted traffic, leads and sales – customers looking for garden design services would be able to find Oakleigh Manor’s website.
  • Increased brand awareness – appearing on the first page of Google will result in more people learning of the business’ existence.
  • Getting 1-step ahead of competitors – there are 100’s of garden design companies in Kent, yet there are only 10 places on the first page of Google. 90% of search engine users will NEVER go past the first page of results, therefore having a position on the first page of Google gives Oakleigh a huge competitive advantage over their rivals.
  • Protecting the future of the company – we all know traditional advertising is dying. When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages? Considering this, it is important to start seeking out new methods of marketing that will work in the future.


After the new website was built and all best practice on-page optimisation principles were implemented an extensive link building and content marketing strategy were drawn up. Within 1 month the Oakleigh Manor website was already ranking in position #1 for search terms such as “oak framed garages”.


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