4 reasons why your content headline may fail

March 8, 2021 by Alfie Lewis

Roughly 80 percent of the people only read the headline. Nearly 60 percent of people share a link after just reading the headline.

That’s how important headlines could be.

But what if your headline fails?


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Alfie Lewis

8 ways you can repurpose a blog post

March 16, 2020 by Samwise Diamond

Repurposing a piece of content is now an essential aspect of successful content marketing. There are multiple reasons for it:

  • There is already a lot of content out there. You need quality over content to stand out, and it is tough to produce dozens of new high-quality pieces of content every month.
  • Repurposing a blog post into different forms of content allows content marketers to reach a wider audience group, e.g., those who prefer watching a 5-minute video over reading a 1,000-word blog post.


All you need is one good blog post, and there are plenty of ways you can repurpose that post into different mediums and forms of content.



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Samwise Diamond

6 principles for instantly improving the quality of your content

February 25, 2019 by Naim

Content is king; it is the most important pillar of your online business and SEO strategy. However, web content only works when it is of exceptional quality.

There are so many blog and publication websites that churn out thousands of new pieces every day in almost every niche. To stand out from the crowd, your content must be fantastic and offer an unprecedented level of value to your readers.

How do you achieve that?

Here are 6 principles that can help you instantly improve the quality of the content you are producing.

1. Quality over quantity

Too many content marketers are obsessed with regularly publishing blog posts. While fresh content may help with search engine (more…)

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