Google to Abandon App-Install Campaigns in Favor of Universal App Campaigns

September 12, 2017 by Jane

Universal App Campaigns were introduced by Google approximately two years ago. The main purpose of introducing Universal App Campaigns (or UAC) was to help app developers drive more app installs with higher efficiency and less efforts.
Ever since their introduction, Universal App Campaigns (UAC) and App-Install Campaigns co-existed. However, now it’s all about to change.

According to a recent announcement, Google is retiring app-install campaigns in favor of Universal App Campaigns. From October 16, 2017, onwards, all app-install campaigns will run under the umbrella of Universal App Campaigns. Moreover, a month after that deadline, all app-install campaigns will stop working altogether.

Although both app-install campaigns and UAC may appear very similar to newbies and fresh marketers, they are different. (more…)

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