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How We Grew Oakleigh Manor’s Website Traffic by 6,814%

“Within 12 months our new website generated over 300 enquiries, resulting in many thousands of pounds worth of business. The return on investment has been fantastic. ”


                      Stuart, Oakleigh Manor

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The Problem

Oakleigh Manor is an award winning garden design and landscaping company based in Kent. Their website however, was far from award winning. In fact, it only generated 2 web enquiries in 6 years before our involvement. We were brought in to increase targeted website traffic and the number of enquires the website generated.

The Results

  • 6,814% increase in website traffic
  • 300 enquiries in the first 12 months
  • The site now averages 45 enquiries a month
  • 30+ search phrases on Page 1 of Google

The Strategy

Conversion Optimisation

Oakleigh Manor’s website was not in an awful state from an aesthetic point of view. However, it was lacking from a “Conversion Optimisation” perspective.

Simply put, the website didn’t do a good job of getting the visitors on the website to get in contact with the company’s sales team. To rectify this a new website was designed and built with a keen focus on increasing conversion rates. Here are some of the concepts we implemented;

  • Individual pages for each service
  • Clear calls to action (CTA) on every service page
  • Individual enquiry forms on each service page
  • Portfolio of work for each service
  • Testimonials for each service

Individual Pages for each Service

It is important for a number of reasons that a single page on a website deals with only one subject matter, especially for those pages that you want to convert visitors into customers. Firstly, it focuses a user’s attention on one topic. Secondly, it allows you to include the rest of the best practice advice mentioned in this case study.

Clear Call To Action

What do you want your website visitors to do? Tell them. This is what a call to action is. Throughout the Oakleigh Manor website CTAs are placed strategically to push visitors to contact Oakleigh’s sales team. See the image below for a Call To Action currently placed on the Oakliegh Manor website.

One of our team will visit you at your home free of charge, to view the site and discuss your requirements. Once we understand your requirements we can provide fixed design fees to create your new landscape together with accurate budget predictions the fixed price quotations for the works involved.

Without clear CTAs prompting action from your visitors they are unlikely to contact you.

Individual Enquiry Forms

The CTAs on each individual service page on the Oakleigh Manor website (e.g. garden design page, swimming pool installation page, irrigation system page, etc.) all link through to a bespoke enquiry form just about that particular service.
These bespoke enquiry forms have proven to be extremely successful compared to sending a visitor to a generic contact form. In fact, conversion rates increased by over 300% when we implemented this change on the Oakleigh Manor website.


What better way to get customers to contact you than to show them the best examples of the work you’ve done in the past? We built the new Oakleigh Manor website in a content management system (CMS) which allows any employee at Oakleigh to log-in to the website and upload a new project to the portfolio (if they have been given permission to). After each project is finished images are taken of the job and they are uploaded to the website.

If you can show you’ve done a great job for someone else and have a large portfolio of projects, website visitors will believe you are trustworthy, reliable and worth buying from. This is working on visitors from a psychological level and is often called “Social Proofing” . A visitor may think to themselves; “if all these other people have used their service, they must be good!”.


To add to the above, testimonials reinforce the message that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Gather as many testimonials from happy customers as you can and place them on the pages you want your visitors to convert on.

Thank you very much for the excellent job you have done on our garden, Your workmanaship has been faultless and we are extremely pleased with the end results...

Mr & Mrs Bidham, Garden Design
Built Project, Thanet , Kent.

After designing and building the new Oakleigh Manor website with the above in mind we then switched our attention to increasing the amount of traffic the website receives..

Search Engine Optimisation

In our bid to increase traffic to the new website we utilised a strategy that would only deliver interested website traffic. This is achieved by getting a website listed on Page 1 of Google for "keyword phrases" or "queries" that relate to a business' offering. In Oakleigh Manor's case, this would be keyword phrases such as "garden design" and "landscaping services in Kent"

This strategy is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and differs from buying adverts on Google (adverts on Google are referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC)).

The benefits of using SEO include;

  • People searching for your products or services will find you. If you are listed on Page 1 you can take advantage of the demand and increase the number of enquires you receive.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Getting 1-step ahead of your competitors
  • Future proofing your business (who uses the Yellow Pages anymore?)
  • Reputation management

How We Ranked Oakleigh Manor on Page 1

There are a number of best practices one can implement to improve a websites visibility in Google. These best practices are split-up into two disciplines; On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

This relates to all the code on your website and how it has been structured. This includes; heading tags, title tags, image file names and alt text, internal link structure, URLs, use of bold and italic text plus a whole host of other factors.

  • We began our On-Page SEO work by researching what "keyword phrases" and "topics" search engine users type in when looking for garden design services.
  • We selected a group of keyword phrases for each service we wanted to advertise. For example "garden design kent", "garden designers in kent", etc. for the Garden Design page. We selected at least 5 phrases for each individual service Oakleigh Manor offers.
  • Finally, we then implemented our On-Page SEO best practice advice (advanced guide) by adding the keyword phrases into the relevant part of each service page.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is all about how many backlinks and citations your website has from other sites on the web. In short, a backlink or a citation is a hyperlink or mention of your business on another website. The more links a website has pointing at it from other websites, the more chance it has of appearing highly on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. Having said that, it’s not quite that simple, 200 + other factors also come into play too.

For Oakleigh Manor we focused on the creation of a large number of local citations and links from high quality magazine and news style websites that are focused on garden design.

We enticed other webmasters to link from their site by providing valuable content such as blog articles, infographics, videos and other valuable and engaging content via manual outreaching methods. In some instances, such as Oakleigh winning gardening awards or starting a new type of service, we released press articles and contacted local news companies.

Keyword Ranking Results

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