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The Problem

The London Hair Academy is one of the UK's most progressive and well recognised training schools. They provide hairdressing courses of the utmost quality at their training school in central London. To make the most of the huge demand in the industry London Hair Academy tasked us with increasing their website's exposure via search engines for each of their major courses.

The Results

  • 46.3% increase in website traffic
  • All key hairdressing courses on Page 1
  • A steady flow of high value, quality leads every month
  • 50+ search phrases in the Top 3 results of Google

The Strategy


As with all our national SEO campaigns, we started this project with thorough research and planning.

First and foremost, before we started any of our SEO work, we first gained an understanding of how the London Hair Academy operated and fitted in within the Hairdresser Training industry as a whole. We found out which hairdressing courses were most popular, which produced the most profit and which courses had potential to become future cash-cows if marketed effectively.

From here we then began our SEO research into the search habits of potential customers. We analysed 1,000s of potential keyword search terms, ranking them by "ranking difficulty" and the volume of searches they received on a monthly basis.

We then assessed the competition's search engine performance and looked into their SEO strategies to discover what tactics were working most effectively in the industry.

On-Page SEO

Next, a full technical SEO analysis of the London Hair Academy's website was drawn up, highlighting the issues on each individual webpage and the website as a whole.

Due to the sheer number of SEO best practices that had been ignored, it was clear the London Hair Academy Website had never been optimised from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective. These ranged from duplicated title tags and poorly named images. Our first task was to update each and every page's image alt text, title attribute and file name, where applicable, to something descriptive. Considering there are 100's of images on the website this was no simple task!

Our On-Page SEO report included an analysis on each of the following points;

  • Title tags
  • Heading tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Rich snippets & Schema tags
  • File names
  • Alt text and Title attributes
  • URL structure
  • Internal and external linking
  • Keyword density
  • Page speed
  • Page design
  • HTTP checks
  • Duplicate content checks
  • And more

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO and the improvement of a website's 'Domain Authority' is still the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. This relates to the number and quality of 'backlinks' that point to a URL. In it's simplest terms, the more high quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in Google's search engine result pages.

Of course, things are much more complex than this, and if you'd like to know more please contact us.

Baring this in mind, we set about finding and securing backlinks to the London Hair Academy website from high quality, niche specific websites. Our team contacted and built relationships with webmasters in the hairdressing, fashion and other related industries and developed unique content that would provide value to the websites we'd like to receive a link from. Links were hence built to the London Hair Academy's website, boosting it's Domain Authority and this its ability to rank.

Keyword Ranking Results

Current Rank
Hair cutting courses
Evening hairdressing courses
Hairdressing courses London
Fast track hairdressing courses
Part time hairdressing courses
Barbering courses
Hair styling courses
Hair extension modelling
NVQ hairdressing course

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