How to Optimise Your Landing Page for More Profit

August 15, 2014 by Josh Hamit

Let’s start with a harsh truth.

You may get a lot of traffic to your website, but it doesn’t matter at all. Because what really matters is the number of customers you make out of those visitors.

That’s the job of a good, optimised landing page, and it is absolutely crucial for your success.

If you have a well-optimised landing page, you will see better conversions, sales and profits. It is as simple as that.

So let’s discuss some really important aspects of landing page optimisation and how you can achieve your goals with that.


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Josh Hamit

7 Twitter Tips for More Traffic

August 10, 2014 by Josh Hamit

If you want traffic for your website, look no further. Twitter is a goldmine of targeted traffic and business prospects. You just need to figure it out a little…

Yet, figuring it out is the most difficult part, isn’t it?

There is nothing to worry about, though. In this post, I outline 7 amazing tips for driving more targeted traffic from Twitter to your website. All these tips are really simple and practical.

So let’s see how to generate loads of targeted traffic from Twitter.


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Josh Hamit

How to Increase Engagement with Your Facebook Fans

August 5, 2014 by Josh Hamit

How to Increase Engagement with Your Facebook FansDo you know that Facebook has over 1.5 billion users worldwide?

Moreover, approximately 2.5 million websites are integrated with Facebook. This signifies the importance of Facebook, not only as a social media platform but also as an important portal for lead-nurturing and lead-generation.

There are so many things that you can achieve via Facebook, but that all starts with a very simple question …

How many users are interacting and engaging with your Facebook posts? (more…)

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Josh Hamit

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