Google Will Rank Mobile Friendly Websites Higher Come April 2015

February 27, 2015 by admin

Google has announced that websites that are mobile friendly will benefit from its latest algorithm update. The change adds “mobile friendliness” to a list of Engagement Factors, which the search engine takes into account when determining which  results to show its users.

Google mentioned this change will “significantly” affect mobile search results worldwide.

To prepare for this latest update you can use Google’s mobile usability reports and the mobile friendly testing tool to determine how well optimised your site is for mobile. You can also see Google’s mobile guidelines here.


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6 Tips to Engage Your Readers on Your Blog

January 16, 2015 by Josh Hamit

Do you know what is one of the most common problems with most blogs? It is the lack of engagement.

You spend hours writing and publishing a blog post, but many visitors just skim it for a few seconds and quit. How can you change that?

The solution is to make your blog post – and your overall blog – more engaging. There are several tips that almost always work. In this post, I share 6 such tips and tricks that can help you create more engagement and keep your readers longer on your blog posts.


1. Start With the Headline

The content of your blog post is important. There is no doubt about it. However, in the online blogging world, headlines are equally crucial.

You see, there are hundreds of bloggers in every major niche, who publish thousands of posts every week. You just can’t hook the readers with an ordinary headline.

In reference to our topic, headlines that raise enough curiosity and interest make sure that the readers stay with your blog posts till the end.


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Josh Hamit

The 7 Elements of a High-Quality Website

January 5, 2015 by Josh Hamit

If you want to truly grab the attention of your website visitors, your website has to be exceptional!

Average websites just don’t work anymore. Approximately 79% of online visitors just scan a website. They don’t read it completely. Therefore, the website has to be really great if you want it to be successful.

There are a few elements that make a good website ‘great’. In this post, I discuss 7 elements of a high-quality website.

Ask yourself: Does your website have these key elements? (more…)

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Josh Hamit

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